Back-to-School: Waste-free lunch box

Laptop Lunch Bento box system for obento lunches

The most recent issue of Mothering includes a gorgeous, inspiring article about “Beautiful Obento Boxes,” those compartmented Japanese lunch boxes that inspire parents to create amazing food art for children’s lunches.

If you are looking for ways to make healthy food irresistibly appealing to your children, make your own obento lunches with Laptop Lunches Obento Box System. (Look at over 7000 Laptop Lunches parents have made with this system.)

Parenting by Nature also has a variety of lunch boxes, bags, and drink containers for a waste-free school lunch.

Boxes and Bags

  • Laptop Lunches Obento Box System – lunch box, containers, water bottle, flatware, and a book to help you get started
  • LunchBots Stainless Lunch Containers – small stainless steel containers with lids
  • Zippered Waterproof Bag – makes a great, simple lunch bag
Lunchbots stainless lunch box containers

Drink Containers

  • Kleen Kanteen Stainless Sippy Cups – a toxin-free, non-leaching alternative to plastic
  • SIGG Water Bottles, 0.3L Kids – a small version of the great SIGG bottles every adult wants
SIGG water bottles for children

Drink Accessories

  • Thirsty Totes bottle covers – a machine-washable cover that absorbs spills
  • Stainless Steel Straws – no more throwaway straws
  • SIGG Kidz Grip Handles – makes a SIGG bottle more kid friendly
Stainless steel straws in Canada
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