And the winners are …

The finalists for our Blog To Inspire Contest have been chosen. Let me tell you, this was no easy task with more than 40 fabulous entries submitted. A special thank you to all of our participants. We’re thrilled to have received so much encouragement and excitement about our contest.

So without further ado, our selected finalists are (in no particular order) …

In our Babywearing Category (1 finalist):

Holly’s post at the Domestic Dork was entertaining and we couldn’t help but smile when we read about Mr. and Mrs. Stroller collecting dust in her closet.

In our Breastfeeding Category (2 finalists):

If you didn’t read Amy’s post about memories of breastfeeding her baby Emily, you really must. Her story brought tears to our eyes and secured her a spot among our top finalists.

Kelly was one of the first contestants to enter our contest. Her well-cited and informative post also included her touching personal experience with establishing breastfeeding with her new baby. I think many mother’s can relate to her struggle.

In our Cloth Diapering Category (1 finalist):

We were pleased to have one dad that participated in our contest (what did you expect from a company that caters to moms and moms-to-be?!?). Stu’s enthusiastic and humorous post is one we’re glad to include in our list of finalists. It’s always fun to read a dad’s perspective on cloth diapering.

In our Natural Play Category (2 finalists):

Amber’s post on Battling the Toy Catalogue’s leaves us with much to think about this year as we quickly approach the holiday gift-giving season. Her post sparked quite the conversation with other parents!

Our last finalist is Sara, who wrote about De-commercializing the Child. Sara’s passion for natural parenting was very evident in her post and her poetic way of writing left me wanting to read more. Since I couldn’t stop reading her blog after receiving her entry, she is the perfect choice for our last finalist.

So there you have them! Our six finalists have been selected and now we turn the voting process over to you. I’m SO relieved because it was difficult enough narrowing our finalists down to 6, there is no way we could make this choice alone.

The polls open tomorrow morning at 11am EST and close in one week (Friday December 11th at 12pm EST). Please take a moment to cast your vote for the blogger you would like to see win our Blog to Inspire contest and become the Eco Babysteps blogging ambassador for 2010. We’d be thrilled to call any of these fabulous writers the Most Inspiring Blogger!

The winner will be announced right here on Monday December 14th so be sure to check back. :)

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