Please cast your vote for the Most Inspiring Blogger

Our six finalists have been selected and the poll is now open. Please take a moment to vote for your favourite post. The poll will close on Friday December 11th at 12PM EST and the winner of our Blog to Inspire contest will be announced on Monday December 14th.

Thank you to all of our participants. This contest has really inspired ME. We hope to keep in touch with many of the wonderful bloggers we’ve met this past month and we plan to come up with some new and exciting ways to work with you in the coming year.

I’d also like to take a moment to share part of a touching email we received from one of our participants. This is why we do what we do.

We sent a thank you email to our participants shortly after we announced the finalists. This email was sent to us from Bronwyn at He’s a Boob Man.

No, Thank you!

In entering your contest and reading the other entries that you posted it reminded me of something that I’d forgotten: the power of words.

Sometimes as bloggers I think we forget what the impact of our words can do. Instead, we speak to hear our own voice instead of speaking with a purpose. Words can evoke so much emotion in us. They can make us smile and laugh, or cry tears of joy or tears of sadness. They can make us think and evaluate what we are doing and where we want to go. When uttered from an angry, hateful place, words can hurt, cutting across our hearts and changing our moods in an instant causing us to also speak from that angry place. But above all of that, words can inspire. They can uplift us and bring happy tears to our eyes and make our hearts swell.

I have been reminded of how much the power of words can shape my son. And I want him to grow up knowing that he is loved and supported. I want him to feel inspired by what he reads, what he sees and what he hears.

So, maybe I didn’t win the cash prize, but I gained a lot of knowledge. Knowledge is power and I wouldn’t trade that in for anything.

With warm regards,
Bronwyn and the sprout

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