Our Inspiring Blogger Posts

Here is the promised list of all the entries sent to us for our Blog to Inspire contest by category. We’ll also be featuring the posts on our blog over the coming months. Although once you start reading them, it’s hard not to read them all. We received some wonderful entries (44 in total!). Our finalists for each category have been listed first, but other than that this list is in no particular order.

In our Cloth Diapers category (15 entires) …

He’s a Boob Man
Nicole Bergman
The Feminist Breeder
The Eco Chic
A Natural Mama
Dirty Diaper Laundry
One Income Dollar
Muskoka Bear Bums
Melissa’s Happenings
Frugally Yours
The Cloth Diaper Report
Organic Parenthood

In our Babywearing category (8 entries) …

Domestic Dork
Hobo Mama
A Life Less Loaded
Education Uncensored
From My Life
Arts N Lit
My Bloggy Life
Modern Alternative Mama

In our Breastfeeding category (15 entries) …

Accidental Pharmacist
Raising Arrows
Baby Fingers
Pistachio Love
Code Name Mama
Dagmar Bleasdale
Ramblings by Nicole Renee
Red Canuck
Happy Green Babies
The Feminist Breeder
Dumaresq Kiddo
Tim and Amy Raymond
Simply Living on a Budget
Natural and Single Mom
Breastfeeding Moms Unite

In our Natural Play category (6 entires) …

Left Coast Mama
Miss P Baby Em
Parenting by Nature
Urban Mommies

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