Make Tap Water Work for You

As I sit here drinking tap water that tastes suspiciously like chlorine, I am aware that I need to rethink my water filter. The Environmental Working Group (EWG) has a very helpful and thorough guide to tap water, including finding a filter specific to your own water.

1. Identify the contaminants in your home tap water
2. Find a filter that works
3. Skip the bottled water
4. Choose safer reusable water bottles

Reading the New York Times series on Toxic Waters is enough to make one switch to ale. The answer isn’t in bottled water (or bottled ale), though. In addition to having many of the same contaminates as tap water (because so much of it IS tap water), bottled water can contain plastic additives leached from the bottles. EWG has a tap water database and a lot of tips to make sure you and your family are drinking safe water.

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