Sweet Beet Smoothie

Sweet pink smoothieA few days ago, my children declared a smoothie I made them The Sweet Beet Smoothie. They said it looked like Valentine’s Day. I had been planning to make and write about a chocolate smoothie, but scrapped that idea after reading so much about fair trade chocolate last week. I don’t have fair trade chocolate powder, and we have banned non-fair-trade chocolate from our house.

My children saved me with their declaration. We recreated the Sweet Beet smoothie for you today.
The combination of beets and yogurt makes a shocking pink. We use bananas as our base, so it is still quite sweet.

½ medium red beet
1 banana
½ cup plain yogurt
½ cup soy milk
1 cup ice cubes

Buzz for about 15 seconds in a blender. Takes 5 minutes tops to make, pour, and clean up.

Makes large smoothies for 3 people.

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