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The Cloth Diaper ReportBlog to Inspire entrant The Cloth Diaper Report is Emi Stapler, a bit of a renaissance woman—a military wife, mother, musician, therapist, and crafter.

If I Can Do it, You Can Do it, We Can Do it!

If I could say one thing to families considering cloth diapers or currently cloth diapering it would be “if I can do it, you can do it, we can do it”. It is an effort that need not be sojourned alone, and there is a supportive and quickly growing community of cloth diapering families. Call me crazy, but as I thought about what to write for this article, those war time posters from World War II flashed through my head: the “We can do it” poster and the “I Want YOU for U.S. Army” poster with Uncle Sam pointing. They were propaganda to inspire and motivate Americans, both male and female, to join together for a cause. I guess I am calling out and rounding up families to join together for a different kind of cause, but one that can make a difference for the environment, economy and consequently, for the world our children will grow up in.

When I began cloth diapering I felt relatively alone and isolated in my efforts. I knew a couple of moms in my area who cloth diapered, but they used a lot of prefolds and hand-me-down diapers. They knew a lot more than I did and served as my initial support group, but there was a whole world of brands, styles, patterns and terms I had yet to explore. I live in a rural area, so I did not have the luxury at the time of visiting a cloth diaper shop or finding a community of moms like there is available in some parts of the country. That is how I found my online resources and cloth diapering family.

There are cloth diapering bloggers, websites, forums and Twitter chat groups filled with families at all stages of cloth diapering and who cloth diaper for a wide range of reasons. Have a question about a different fit or material? Laundry advice? Or maybe you have been cloth diapering for quite a while now, but come across a new issue or stump along the way. You have hundreds, even thousands of cloth diapering veterans at your fingertips eager to help you in your cloth diapering journey. Their support and passion are really expressing the message “you can do it, we can do it”, and over time you will come to realize “I can do it”.

I can cloth diaper my child and have a successful, even enjoyable experience in doing so.

I can do the extra loads of laundry and a whiff of Rockin’ Green or Crunchy Clean will brighten my mood as I do it.

I can support the economy with my cloth diaper purchases by supporting WAHMs and small businesses retailing and manufacturing cloth diapers.

I can make a difference for the environment and preserve it for my children and their children.

I can save hundreds, even thousands of dollars compared to disposable diapers, leaving money in the budget for savings and other expenses.

I can do it.

And you’ll be surprised the attention you’ll get, although both positive and negative, from friends and family around you:

“Will you be OK if I buy a pack of disposables while I watch her?”
“You wash them even after they…..?”
“Oh my gosh, that is so cute. Is that her diaper?”

These are all opportunities to educate friends and family on the different options available, such as hybrid diapers with disposable liners, and laundry routines (I love washing my cloth diapers. The rest of my laundry, not so much). And you will never get tired of showing off your little one’s cute fluff. I have so many brands, styles and patterns that even my good friends are always interested in the latest fluff my daughter is wearing.

You may be lucky enough as I have to convert some other families to cloth diapering too! This way you can build your own local, more personal support group to share brands, stories and advice with each other. Inspiring them and each other with that same unifying, message “if I can do it, you can do it, we can do it”…together.

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