What’s Going on with Dry Max? Ask Z Recs

screen-z-recommends-dry-max1I had planned to write today about the chemical composition of disposable diapers, following up on the diaper science video of yesterday. Much to my relief as a non-scientist, I don’t have to because someone else has done such a great job.

Z Recommends (ZRecs) has been covering Pampers DryMax as children’s product safety issue. After their original warning, they expanded coverage to

For anyone concerned about the issue of potential harm to babies and the story of how one sad disposable diaper company allowed a public relations fiasco to ensue, this series is essential and fascinating reading.

3 thoughts on “What’s Going on with Dry Max? Ask Z Recs

  1. We’re glad you found it interesting, and thanks for sharing it with your readers! We actually are taking a few more days on the social media analysis; although we haven’t set a firm date, we will probably publish it Monday. We’re putting a lot of thought into it and trying to see both (all?) sides of the issue.

    We are announcing an initiative later today that could help us explore the issue further, and will be encouraging readers to help us make it happen!

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  3. I read about your initiative. Great idea, using social media for good rather than paid pseudo-buzz evil. Thanks for the good work.

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