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Positive DevelopmentPositive Development
bynature.ca is fundamentally about healthy, positive childhood development – social, physical, emotional and intellectual. A large selection of our products, from breastfeeding products to baby carriers, infant toys to a child’s first baby doll, are specifically selected to support the bonding, learning and well-rounded development of our children.

As parents, we are creating social, physical, and psychological patterns for our children as they develop. They will certainly be themselves and go in their own directions as they grow up, but they often build on the patterns we create.

At bynature.ca, we are committed to the positive, gentle approach of attachment parenting. We freely give our children the support they need through each phase of development. Babies want to be close to us, so we wear our babies. Babies need nourishment and comfort, so we breastfeed. Babies need toys that give them space to let their imaginations soar during play, so we keep toys simple. We make sure that our products support these developmental needs.

As babies grow to be toddlers, preschoolers, and teenagers, they still need us, and, as attachment parents, we continue to give them the developmentally appropriate support they ask for even as they become healthy, independent adults on their own.

Positive Development Products at bynature.ca

Breastfeeding support supplies and baby carriers are two big categories of products for positive development, but we also carry many other products for bonding and learning. We have Little Soles soft baby shoes for developing feet. We have the natural rubber Tres Tria co-sleeping bolster to help parents keep the family bed safe. We have simple toys for open-ended play, and wooden teething rattles to satisfy babies’ desires to move and to chew.

Baby Bonding Dolls

Positive Development bonding dolls for babies

Baby’s first toy needs to be small, non-toxic, and chewable. This simple, Waldorf-style bonding doll is 6″ tall with only the head stuffed. That is small enough and light enough for a baby to hold and cuddle.

The outside of the all-natural doll is soft, 100% cotton, and the head is stuffed with 100% wool. The doll comes in a variety of colors dyed with AZO-free fabric dyes. The doll is safe for a baby to suck and chew.

These certified fair trade dolls are handmade in India. Handwashable in cold water. Line dry or machine dry on cool, gentle cycle.

This month, we are telling you more about our Safe Family Promise at bynature.ca. To make it easy for you to identify products by their key attributes, look for our standards labels.

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