Contest: Pin to Inspire

Pinterest Inspirations

We’ve been having so much fun pinning our ParentbyNature inspirations on Pinterest that we want to invite you to pin with us. We’ve created a contest to encourage you to join in the fun.

The contest is easy. You make a Pinterest board and call it “Inspiring Change.” We have a list of 20 things your board needs to include, such as a nature-inspired children’s bedroom, a small vegetable garden, and your favourite reusable item. Once your board is ready and you’ve added the #Pin2Inspire hashtags, submit your entry before Saturday, March 31st.

The winning board will be selected based on: uniqueness, creativity, and content. Pins that inspire conversations will stand out. Winner will receive a $100 Gift Card to use at

Are you ready? Pinterest is a service by invitation. Request an invitation from any user or from Pinterest directly. Or, pop over the the Parent by Nature Facebook group and let us know that you need an invitation.

Most of all, have fun with this. We’ve seen so many inspirational images on Pinterest. Let that creative energy flow through your board and let’s inspire change together.

See full contest rules and details at

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