Winners of Pin to Inspire

Pin to Inspire contest winner

We’re pleased to announce the winner of our Pin to Inspire contest! It was really a lot of fun browsing through the inspiring Pinterest boards our community put together and picking just one winner was tough. So we’ve decided to announce our grand prize winner (the winner of a $100 Gift Certificate for as well as 2 runner-ups. Our runner-ups will each receive a set of 2 Itzy Ritzy reusable snack bags for their contribution towards Inspiring Change.

Our winner of the $100 Gift Certificate to is Andrea Alderman. You can view her inspiring Pinterest board.

My philosophy towards eco living is that every individual can make a difference. Do as much as you comfortably can and never stress about the occasional lapse in “greeness”–like using a paper towel to soak up bacon grease (p.s. if anyone has a better way, I am dying to know). My family does what we can; like composting, cloth diapering, using cloth instead of paper and making our own natural household products. Hopefully this board will inspire you make a few changes in your life!

Our 2 runner-ups are:

All winners should expect to receive an email shortly. Thanks to all of our participants. Together we can make difference!

One thought on “Winners of Pin to Inspire

  1. Wow, so glad I was chosen! Can’t wait to replace the new diaper and wet bag I purchased that my dog thought was lunch. Thanks and looking forward to shopping

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