Reduce, Reuse, Consign

Spring Consignment Sale Simcoe

Through consignment, you can pass on your high quality baby items to new families and trade up. Reduce your impact and let someone else reuse your cloth diapers and baby carriers.

Next week, March 21st and 22nd, is our 5th Annual Repeat Sale – an Eco Consignment Sale for conscientious parents – in the Parenting By Nature storefront at 5 Ontario Street, Orillia.

Families who shop at care about reducing environmental impact by choosing high-quality baby products that last as long as they will need them—and longer. When your cloth diapers, baby carriers, and nursing items are still in great shape after you no longer need them, you can benefit from your investment by selling to another family who can use them.

  • If you are selling, you can size up cloth diapers, try a new kind of baby carrier, or turn nursing items into gifts. Sell your gently used items to other families in the Simcoe area.
  • If you are buying, this is an opportunity to get the highest quality baby gear with a lower up-front cost.

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