Winners of Pin to Inspire

Pin to Inspire contest winner

We’re pleased to announce the winner of our Pin to Inspire contest! It was really a lot of fun browsing through the inspiring Pinterest boards our community put together and picking just one winner was tough. So we’ve decided to announce our grand prize winner (the winner of a $100 Gift Certificate for as well as 2 runner-ups. Our runner-ups will each receive a set of 2 Itzy Ritzy reusable snack bags for their contribution towards Inspiring Change.

Our winner of the $100 Gift Certificate to is Andrea Alderman. You can view her inspiring Pinterest board.

My philosophy towards eco living is that every individual can make a difference. Do as much as you comfortably can and never stress about the occasional lapse in “greeness”–like using a paper towel to soak up bacon grease (p.s. if anyone has a better way, I am dying to know). My family does what we can; like composting, cloth diapering, using cloth instead of paper and making our own natural household products. Hopefully this board will inspire you make a few changes in your life!

Our 2 runner-ups are:

All winners should expect to receive an email shortly. Thanks to all of our participants. Together we can make difference!

Contest: Pin to Inspire

Pinterest Inspirations

We’ve been having so much fun pinning our ParentbyNature inspirations on Pinterest that we want to invite you to pin with us. We’ve created a contest to encourage you to join in the fun.

The contest is easy. You make a Pinterest board and call it “Inspiring Change.” We have a list of 20 things your board needs to include, such as a nature-inspired children’s bedroom, a small vegetable garden, and your favourite reusable item. Once your board is ready and you’ve added the #Pin2Inspire hashtags, submit your entry before Saturday, March 31st.

The winning board will be selected based on: uniqueness, creativity, and content. Pins that inspire conversations will stand out. Winner will receive a $100 Gift Card to use at

Are you ready? Pinterest is a service by invitation. Request an invitation from any user or from Pinterest directly. Or, pop over the the Parent by Nature Facebook group and let us know that you need an invitation.

Most of all, have fun with this. We’ve seen so many inspirational images on Pinterest. Let that creative energy flow through your board and let’s inspire change together.

See full contest rules and details at

Why Cloth Diapers Contest Winner

This afternoon we announced the winner of our Why Cloth Diapers contest. This contest was so much fun to organize, and it really sounded as though the participants had fun putting their videos together. A great big thank you to all who participated and took the time to show the world why YOU choose cloth diapers.

The winner of a $1000 gift certificate to spend at was Cloth Now put together by Charlene and her husband. You can view their video here.

As a side note, Charlene told us afterwards that she has 5 children, ages 12, 7, 5, 2 and 6 months. This prize will surely be put to good use! Congratulations Charlene and family.

A New Parent: Why Cloth Diapers

This environmental engineer, TheBubbleLush, has been video blogging her pregnancy, including her decision to use cloth diapers once the baby is born this coming fall. She is clear about her opinions and her experience, and she welcomes educated discussion. In nearly 9 minutes, she covers a lot of ground.

I’ve been paying more attention to cloth diaper videos since the Why Cloth Diapers Video Challenge opened. There are so many videos of parents, business owners, and many others who share interesting information and funny stories about cloth diapers.

What are your favorite cloth diapering videos?

Which videos do you think are most effective in helping parents choose cloth diapers?

Why Cloth Diapers Video Challenge

Why Cloth Diapers? That is the question for you! has issued a challenge to cloth-diaper loving aspiring filmmakers: make a video telling the world why cloth diapers rock. Address at least one of the big cloth diaper themes.

  • Cloth Diapers as an Environmentally Friendly choice
  • Cloth Diapers as an Economical choice
  • Cloth Diapers as an Easy to Use choice
  • Cloth Diapers as a Fun and Fashionable choice

All entries will be added to the growing gallery of cloth diaper videos on The videos can be funny, animated, serious, music videos, brand specific. Stretch your imagination to make any video that grabs attention and puts it on cloth diapers.

Right now you can see a few example videos, including the video above: the mysterious Kissaluv in action as it gathers the toys in a playroom dance. Why the dance through the baby’s room? I’m not sure! It doesn’t matter. The videos don’t have to make a LOT of sense as long as they inspire people to use reusable cloth diapers.

Need a little incentive? How about a big one? The winner of the Why Cloth Diapers Video Challenge will win a $1000 gift certificate (Canadian funds) from that can be used at any of the four shops,,, or

Start by watching the Why Cloth Diapers video contest intro from Tamara of, Eco Baby Step’s Nature Mom.

More videos to come. While you are planning your masterpiece, be sure to post links here to your favorite YouTube cloth diaper videos.