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Pin to Inspire contest winner

We’re pleased to announce the winner of our Pin to Inspire contest! It was really a lot of fun browsing through the inspiring Pinterest boards our community put together and picking just one winner was tough. So we’ve decided to announce our grand prize winner (the winner of a $100 Gift Certificate for as well as 2 runner-ups. Our runner-ups will each receive a set of 2 Itzy Ritzy reusable snack bags for their contribution towards Inspiring Change.

Our winner of the $100 Gift Certificate to is Andrea Alderman. You can view her inspiring Pinterest board.

My philosophy towards eco living is that every individual can make a difference. Do as much as you comfortably can and never stress about the occasional lapse in “greeness”–like using a paper towel to soak up bacon grease (p.s. if anyone has a better way, I am dying to know). My family does what we can; like composting, cloth diapering, using cloth instead of paper and making our own natural household products. Hopefully this board will inspire you make a few changes in your life!

Our 2 runner-ups are:

All winners should expect to receive an email shortly. Thanks to all of our participants. Together we can make difference!

It’s a virtual holiday potluck on Facebook!


Does the holiday season creep up on you, and before you know it, you’re completely overwhelmed? This year start planning early and have some FUN with other busy parents just like you.

Join parenting experts Tamara Champion, CEO of natural parenting store, and Annemarie Tempelman-Kluit AKA yoyomama and author of Healthy Mum, Happy Baby, as well as other parents getting prepared for the holiday season with a Virtual Holiday Potluck! Join us to kick off the holiday season, have fun, and, yes, enjoy shopping discounts and prizes throughout the evening!

When and Where?

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If you live on the East Coast, RSVP to the Parenting By Nature Facebook page BEFORE Wednesday, November 10, 8:00pm EST.

If you’re on the West Coast,
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What to Bring:

It’s a potluck! Everyone who shares has the chance to win prizes during the evening. We’ll be discussing:

• family traditions and the spirit of giving
• your favorite holiday music
• funny Christmas YouTube videos
• your tastiest holiday recipes (allergen-free, for bonus points!)
• green holiday tips
• links to online holiday planning resources or tools you may use
• anything else to help with holiday planning!

Why Pre-Register?

The more the merrier! Share our holiday event with friends as we’ll be offering a discount on anything at the Kids store based on how many RSVP/participants we have for each party (as of 8pm EST):

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We can’t wait to connect with our fantastic fans, supporters, and customers and meet new people. Most of all, we want to help you save time and money as you get ready for this special time of year with your family.

See you on November 10th!

Why Cloth Diapers Contest Winner

This afternoon we announced the winner of our Why Cloth Diapers contest. This contest was so much fun to organize, and it really sounded as though the participants had fun putting their videos together. A great big thank you to all who participated and took the time to show the world why YOU choose cloth diapers.

The winner of a $1000 gift certificate to spend at was Cloth Now put together by Charlene and her husband. You can view their video here.

As a side note, Charlene told us afterwards that she has 5 children, ages 12, 7, 5, 2 and 6 months. This prize will surely be put to good use! Congratulations Charlene and family.

I Don’t Talk about Pee Enough by Stuland

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Stuart Chase profileBlog to Inspire finalist Stuland is Stu, Stuart Chase, who is tall and funny looking and has not much else to say but that — except for everything he blogs.

All of you who’ve been in this situation before with your child’s cloth diapers, please raise your hands: you’re enjoying some quality time with your wee one, sitting on the couch with your tot on your lap.

And then it happens.

Maybe the acidic smell reaches your nose first. Or perhaps the wetness seeping through on to your legs is your first indication. Any way you slice it, you know it’s happened. Your wee one has done… precisely that. Through their diaper, through their own clothes, and on to you.

Oh, the glamours of parenthood.

My wife and I are staunch defenders of the cloth / natural diaper use, but it took us a while to hit on a product that worked well for us. And the language can be a little intimidating at first. Diaper covers? Wha? Pre-folds? Hey, sounds easy! FuzziBuns? Hey, sounds cute! BumGenius? Hey, these will make my kid smarter! Hemp diapers? Hey, sounds groovy man!Monkey doodlz? Hilarious! Seventh generation disposables? Diaper inserts? Aaaand I could go on…

My wife and I were actually planning to use disposable diapers for a few weeks when our son was a newborn, but he showed up three weeks before his scheduled arrival time and at that point, we had only purchased the cloth diapers that we ultimately planned to use. And so it was from the start: our little man’s bottom was swaddled in natural fibres, and we never looked back.

Parents climbing into the green diapering arena ought to do their research, as—noted above—there’s plenty to choose from. The point of most all of them are the same: sustainability. In a population increasingly concerned with its environment, it makes sense to go green. And let’s not kid ourselves: all those cloth diapers add a little extra to baby’s profile, and it makes their little bums just that much cuter as they crawl and waddle around the house.

You just can’t find that in the slim fit of a planet-poisoning disposable!

In searching for the right fit of diaper, we definitely got peed on more than once. Into every life, a little rain must fall. Let this puddle on the floor (or on your leg) not weaken your resolve! Long story short for us has been to realize there is no magic bullet when it comes to buffering baby’s bottom. And the older our little guy gets, the bigger his bladder gets and… well, you get the point. We now live with a combination of different types of cloth diapers that we’re pretty happy with, but yes, shopping around was required. But it’s all been worth it, and it will continue to be so, even if we have to get into another search.


Well, could we have said ‘nuts to this’ and run for the ‘Pampers’ ultra-dry jumbo pack? Yes, of course. But ultimately, we have to look beyond ourselves and consider the future of our little guy—and any siblings that may follow him—and realize that we can’t bankrupt the future health of his planet for our convenience in the present. Cloth diapers are better for your wee one—chemical free and soft on baby’s skin being but two obvious reasons—and if treated right, they’ll last long enough for use with any other kids that might come along. Buying up a stock of cloth diapers may seem like an investment at first, but once you’ve got ‘em, you’ve got ‘em. Once they’re done with, cut ‘em up and use them as rags! And, if you do have more than one tot, the fact that your kids could share diapers is an added cost-saving benefit. The ‘shared diaper’ point could also prove handy when they’re older, fighting about something and you need to prove to them just how similar they actually are… but I digress…

So take heart if you’re early on in the game and still trying to find the right fit with your cloth diapers. It WILL happen! Just look at that pee stain on your leg, and see it as a badge of honour. You are a crusader on a search for a greener world, after all. Get up, change your pants (and your baby’s) and get back to it. You can do this!

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Battle of the Boobs by The Accidental Pharmacist

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Accidental Pharmacist profileBlog to Inspire finalist The Accidental Pharmacist is Kelly Grindrod, a pharmacist. Accidentally. I never made a conscious career decision to push pills for a living. Now, she studies the enigma that is the pharmacist and struggle to be self-directed. She is also a new mommy. Enter the blog – an excuse to procrastinate. Fascinating? No. Endearing? Perhaps.

When I saw Parenting By Nature’s ‘Blog to Inspire’ contest I thought it was cool. The husband and I want to be cloth diapering, breastfeeding, babywearing, natural play parents and I can’t wait to read the stories of practical parenting.

I could write about all four items in my verbose and opinionated fashion but, right now, I want to talk about breastfeeding because almost everyone I talked to before delivery said it was one of the hardest parts of parenthood.

Accidental Pharmacist pregnantFor most of our third trimester our “Princess Pea” had her head stuck firmly under my lower right rib, and on our 35th week we went for an ultrasound to check her position. While waiting for the results, we were pulled aside by the radiologist and told to go straight to Maternity.

As it turned out, I was in labour and The Pea wasn’t doing so hot. Right after they hooked me up to the fetal heart monitor her heart rate dropped and the room filled with nurses and doctors who stripped off my clothes, put needles in my arm and started saying ‘cesarean’. This happened two more times and before I knew it they had flipped me over with my ass in the air and rushed us to an OR.

Unfortunately, when The Pea was pulled out her Apgar score was 2 (very low) and after resuscitation she was taken to the NICU. I, on the other hand, was stitched up and sent to the recovery room to wait for 2 hours. Afterward, I was taken directly to my room.


The midwife tried, The Husband tried, and I tried, but it took another 6 hours for me to see our baby.

In that time The Pea was bottlefed 3 times. Thankfully, the midwife managed to get some donor milk from the BC Women’s Milk Bank and The Husband did all the feedings.

Preemie feedingFar from how I imagined it, the first time I was handed The Pea I was also handed a bottle.

Apparently, the doctors’ orders were to bottlefeed every 3 hours because The Pea was premature, had low blood sugar, and needed more than colostrum. Instead of a bottle, we asked for a lactation aid to supplement while breastfeeding but was told it wasn’t a good idea. We tried anyway and it didn’t really work but we’d made our point. The next day a nasogastric tube was inserted for that very purpose.

Here’s the thing – I didn’t feel labour and did nothing more than lay on my back while a team of nurses and doctors did the work. Once the baby was out, more doctors and nurses took her and kept on doing the work. I kinda felt optional.

This was wrong.

And the only way I could prove it was

to get up

every 3 hours

and walk through the maternity ward,

past all the labouring women,

past all the new moms and babies,

past my nurse who told me more than once to go back to bed to rest,

and feed our baby.

So, with the support of the midwife, The Husband, and the NICU nurses, that’s what I did. Even after I was discharged, The Husband and I stayed. Living out of various hospital lounges, we fed our baby every 3 hours and soon the tube was out. We kept on for 7 days and were exhausted, but on that 7th day we took home an entirely breastfed baby.

And she thrived.

Now, I’m a health professional and this experience made little sense to me. I know the “breast is best”, especially for premature babies, and that those same babies have a lower breastfeeding rate.

In my years as a community pharmacist I’ve talked to countless breastfeeding moms. I’ve attended Le Leche League meetings. I’ve read books like Dr. Jack Newman’s Guide to Breastfeeding. I know the importance of feeding shortly after delivery and not separating mom and baby.

I had a supportive husband and a mom who breastfed all her babies, including twins.

I mean, come on, I even had a midwife.

And we still had a hard time breastfeeding. Through this we learned that not everyone is on board with the boob. However, when the time came we knew what we needed to do and we did it. And would do it again and again because, you know what? The boob rocks and The Pea has some chubby cheeks to prove it.
Nursing baby face

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