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Fitted cloth diapers give great leak protection and are easy to wash. sells a range of popular fitted diapers to meet the needs of most parents. We’ve gathered customers comments for you.

Read about the advantages and disadvantages of each style of cloth diapers. Whatever your need or lifestyle, there is a cloth diaper that will work for your baby.

When you look at all of the Fitted Diapers at, you will see number of reviews and overall rating, price, and tiny icons that indicate which standards this product exceeds as part of our Safe Family Promise.

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Which diapers work for which babies often depend on the parents’ expectations and needs. Among the factors we found mattered with fitted diapers were: age, shape, and special circumstances like EC (elimination communication).

A Baby’s Age Makes a Difference with Fit

Especially with one-size diapers, the fit on a newborn and on a toddler is going to be very different. Some parents love one diaper for newborns and another for older babies.

“This is by far my favourite newborn diaper. . . . It fits perfectly right from the start, even with newborn chicken legs!! I like to pair it with a Thirsties cover and it is bulletproof for runny breastfed poops.” Cindy reviews Kissaluvs fitted diapers on, “Best newborn diaper”

“[T]he diapers are sized to have a short rise, and as both my kids were tall, they fit less time than I anticipated. . . . I found that these diapers worked really well with little babies.” Eleanor reviews Bamboozles Stretch Diapers on, “Great for infants”

In a review, it helps to know exactly why a particular diaper works or doesn’t work. I like to look at the worst review first to ask myself if I can live with the worst. Knowing that a child’s movement moves the doubler helps me as a parent know how I would use these diapers to fix the problem.

“With older more mobile kids, I found the sewn-in doubler would move around and often end up hanging out one of the leg holes.” Eleanor reviews Bamboozles Stretch Diapers on, “Great for infants”

An Unfamiliar Shape Can Be a Deterrent

Not all diapers are intuitive to use, and they don’t need to be. It can take a little extra thought to learn how best to use a different style of diapers. The Kissaluvs contour diaper does not have closures. Some parents use the diaper with no pins or Snappi but only with a tight cover. I did this with my children. Others find that this doesn’t protect against leaks. The extra time required can be a deterrent for some.

“These diapers have served us well – they fit our long, skinny, chubby thighed baby perfectly at 4 mo and continue to do so at 1 year. There is still loads of growing room. . . . We use them with a Snappi under a knitted wool soaker and we have no fit or leak issues.” Em reviews Kissaluvs contour diapers on, “Great diapers”

“This fitted diaper took some getting used to. It is very stretchy, but I have to use pins with it to keep it from ending up around my baby’s knees – even with a tight fitting cover. . . . Compared to other fitted diapers I find I have to fiddle around with this one to get a good fit, and prefer the ease of some of the others.” Kristen reviews Kissaluvs contour diapers on, “An okay fitted diaper”

Cloth Diapers for Elimination Communication

When parents use primarily EC (elimination communication or diaper-free), they often still use cloth diapers in some circumstances. These parents need diapers that are very easy to get on and on quickly. Two parents chose MotherEase One-size diapers are their favorite for EC.

“Loved these for EC because of the easy-on easy-off standing up (just like training pants).” Eleanor reviews MotherEase One-size Diaper on, “Great diaper”

“These work great for EC, or full-time diapering.” Cindy reviews MotherEase One-size Diaper on, “Best fitted diaper, hands down”

Washing Cloth Diapers

Every parent cares how easy their cloth diapers are to care for. Most fitted diapers are easy to wash and dry, but parents note that terry cloth, like that in Kissaluvs and MotherEase diapers, can be more difficult to rinse. Thicker areas on the diapers can take longer to dry.

“The one thing I like the least about these is that they are hard to wash – if the poop is soft but not runny it will cling to the fabric.” Miranda reviews Kissaluvs fitted diapers on, “Wings really stretchy, holds poop in really well, hard to wash”

“Like any terrycloth-style diaper, there can be some extra work involved in getting poop out.” Eleanor reviews Kissaluvs fitted diapers on, “Great diaper”

“They dry in one cycle as compared to the Kissaluvs fitteds I used before.” EW reviews Sugar Peas fitted diapers on, “Awesome fitted diaper!”

“Only downsides: 1. you’ll be (rinsing) poop out of these. Terrycloth=large surface for solids to stick.; and 2. we line-dried ours and found that they were really stiff, to the point of making the kid uncomfortable as the terrycloth dried in strange stiff configurations. Never an issue in the drier, of course.” Eleanor reviews MotherEase One-size Diaper on, “Great diaper”

“The main part of the diaper dries quickly after washes, but around the elastic in the legs it can take quite a bit longer to dry fully.” Kristen reviews Hemp One-size Diapers on, “Great choice once baby passes 10 lb mark”

Cloth Diapers That Last

To realize the financial and environmental benefits of using cloth diapers, you need diapers that will last. Over and over, parents pointed to MotherEase One-size diapers as their long-lasting diapers of choice.

“I used these for 4 of my 5 kids and they were still good enough to resell.” Cindy reviews MotherEase One-size Diaper on, “Best fitted diaper, hands down”

“If I had to recommend one fitted diaper for someone to buy to last through all their kiddos, this would be it.” Cindy reviews MotherEase One-size Diaper on, “Best fitted diaper, hands down”

“[T]hey stand up well to repeated use and washing.” Kristen reviews MotherEase One-size Diaper on, “My number 1 cloth diaper”

“Used these for years with multiple children, and still going strong. These were our everyday diapers for the majority of their diaper time.” Eleanor reviews MotherEase One-size Diaper on, “Great diaper”

My Favourite Cloth Diapers

Several diapers showed up as customer favorites: Kissaluvs, Sugar Peas, and MotherEase.

“I have nothing but great things to say about these diapers!” EW reviews Sugar Peas fitted diapers on, “Awesome fitted diaper!”

“We bought a number of different types of diapers to try and will re-stock mainly with this one.” Kim reviews Sugar Peas fitted diapers on, “Great diaper”

“Without a doubt my favourite cloth diaper.” Kristen reviews MotherEase One-size Diaper on, “My number 1 cloth diaper”

“If you’re unsure about cloth diapers, try these and I hope you’ll be convinced! They’re wonderful.” Kristen reviews MotherEase One-size Diaper on, “My number 1 cloth diaper”

“These are my favorite diapers..I love them! They hold in the most explosive poop without a leak.” TM reviews Kissaluvs fitted diapers on, “LOVE THESE!!!”

“[T]hese and the Sugarpeas are my favourites (and we tried fancier, more expensive diapers).” Kim reviews Kissaluvs fitted diapers on, “Great diaper”

“[T]hese are not my favourite.” Miranda reviews Kissaluvs fitted diapers on, “Wings really stretchy, holds poop in really well, hard to wash”

One person’s favorite diaper can be another person’s least favorite. The best cloth diaper always depends on what you need and how well a diaper matches that need. Every diaper works well for someone.

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Compare Cloth Diapers – Fitted Diapers

Bamboozle Stretch fitted diaper on a baby

We’ve been comparing cloth diapers over the past few weeks, starting with one-piece diapers and moving toward simpler diapers. Today, we outline the benefits and drawbacks of fitted cloth diapers.

Fitted Cloth Diapers

Every diapering system needs to include both moisture absorbency and moisture resistence. A fitted diaper has all of the absorbency and none of the moisture resistence. You need to use a waterproof cover over the top of fitteds. In an all-in-one diaper, these two pieces are combined.

A fitted diaper is a contour shape made of absorbent material. Gathering at the legs and waist as well as a closure at the waist make this fitted. Without the closure, and sometimes without the gathering, you have a contour diaper, which requires a Snappi or pins to hold it tight, though many parents choose to forgo closures altogether. Both fitted and contour diapers often have extra layers of absorbency down the center of the diaper where the baby wets.

Fitted diapers are a similar shape to pocket diapers, but the pocket diaper shape is created by non-absorbent material with the absorbency stuffed inside.

Fitted diapers can be one-size, though you might find that they create too much bulk on an infant and don’t give enough absorbency for a toddler. Even a two-sized diaper gives you more flexibility to get the absorbency right—and absorbency is key with any diaper.

If you prefer that your baby not feel wet, you can add a liner of silk or synthetic against the skin, but some parents prefer their baby to feel the wetness so they let the parent know that it is time for a diaper change or so a toddler feels the urge to use the toilet to avoid the wet diaper feeling.

Kissaluvs contour cloth diaper

Fitted Diaper Advantages

  • No folding or stuffing.
  • Easier to get clean than mixed fiber diaper systems.
  • Cotton diapers can take a beating in the washer, dryer, and sun.
  • Sized diapers don’t leave your tiny baby with a bulky bottom.
  • Contour diapers have a lot of flexibility because you use a Snappi to customize fit.
  • Gathered leg prevent leaks.
  • You choose the kind of separate cover that works and fits best for your baby.
  • You don’t need to wash the cover unless it has been soiled, so there is less wash than with pocket diapers or all-in-one cloth diapers.

Fitted Diaper Disadvantages

  • You need to train caregivers to use a cover over the diaper.
  • A contour diaper without gathering at legs and waist doesn’t always contain messes.
  • When your baby grows out of a fitted diaper, you can’t use it as a doubler, burp cloth, or rag like you can with a prefold or flat diaper.

I have a difficult time coming up with disadvantages for fitted diapers because I have always found them my favorite type of diaper. If you have found disadvantages or advantages with fitted or any other type of diaper style we’ve been reviewing, please comment. A broader view will help new parents who are choosing diapers.

If you have used any of the fitted diapers sold at, please leave your reviews for others. Be specific. Tell people how the diapers worked and why. Later this week, we’ll share how our customers have reviewed fitted diapers.