Last-Minute Gift for Yourself?

Natural buckwheat body pillow

Christmas, birthdays, and other big, gift-giving holidays are a perfect time to ask for those very nice gifts you wouldn’t necessarily buy for yourself every day.

Do you end up buying your own gifts? I do. I ordered mine yesterday, and I don’t mind. I don’t really need much, and I don’t assume my husband can read my mind about what I want. I would be terribly disappointed with jewelry, flowers, chocolates, or any of the gifts I see marketed to men for women. My son wanted to buy the gift himself, but he finally asked me yesterday to help him. He and my husband are both very happy that I’m happy with what I get. Plus, buying for myself makes getting that very nice gift even easier.

So, here is my suggestion for you if you have family members who are still looking around at the last-minute for the right gift for you: a Buckwheat Body Pillow.

Natural buckwheat pregnancy pillow

Buckwheat Body Pillow

If you bought separate pillows for pregnancy comfort, for nursing, and for sleep comfort, you probably wish you could use the same pillow for all three purposes. With the buckwheat body pillow, you can. This pillow is versatile. Lay it out the long way to support your belly during pregnancy; tie the ends together to make the perfect size for nursing; and continue to sleep with the pillow in a variety of shapes long after pregnancy and nursing are over.

This pillow can be used in many ways, and you can keep it clean by removing the buckwheat to wash the cotton cover and even replacing the buckwheat after years of use.

And, this pillow is beautiful! You won’t want to hide these bright cotton prints.

Comes in a child size as well.

Buckwheat pillows made in Canada

A Pillow You Can Feel Good About

There are more reasons to feel good about this pillow.

Your Health. Filled with dust-free, roasted buckwheat hulls which are hypoallergenic & naturally dust mite resistant.

Environmentally Responsible. All the raw materials use in our buckwheat pillows are local, long-lasting, compostable, and renewable.

Made in Canada. Natural buckwheat filling supplied by a Quebecois organic farm.

Socially Responsible. Each buckwheat pillow is handmade by a Montreal-based reintegration company that fights against exclusion and poverty.

Ask for the perfect last-minute gift, or buy it for yourself today. Our store is closed for the holidays, but we are still shipping.

Stocking Stuffers: Animal Puppets

Hand Puppets and Finger Puppets for Kids

Puppets make great small holiday gifts for children. You give not just the character you see but the character the puppet becomes for your child and the stories your child tells through the character.

Puppets inspire creativity, promote hands-on discovery, encourage interaction, teach fine and gross motor skills, help develop early language, and become a child’s lovable companion to be treasured for years.

We carry dozens of small animal hand puppets and finger puppets. You could collect a whole safari, but it usually just takes 1-2 puppets to start the story rolling.

Hand Puppets for Children

Each of our puppets comes with facts about the animal to help your child understand the creature in its own environment.

Little Turtle Hand Puppet

Turtle Puppet for Children

You will want to keep petting the textured shell of the turtle hand puppet. At about 7″ long, the hand puppets fit in a stocking then in your purse or your child’s bag for easy entertainment on the go.

Little Polar Bear Hand Puppet

Polar Bear Puppet for Kids

This soft, furry polar bear comes with interesting facts about this solitary mammal. About 8″ tall.

Add these other hand puppets to your collection: Little Lion Puppet, Little Wolf Puppet, Little Lop Rabbit Puppet, Little Elephant Puppet, and more.

Finger Puppets for Children

Mini Fawn Finger Puppet

Deer Finger Puppet for Children

This soft fawn finger puppet easily fits in a pocket or a diaper bag. About 6″ long.

Mini Cardinal Finger Puppet

Mini Red Bird Finger Puppet

Your child will fly this bright, soft cardinal all over the house. What a great opportunity to learn about wild creatures of the world. About 5″ long.

Need a puppet for each hand? We also have these finger puppets: Mini Penguin Finger Puppet, Mini Black Sheep Finger Puppet, Mini Skunk Finger Puppet, Mini River Otter Finger Puppet, and many more. We have 20+ animal puppets to choose from.

Gifts that encourage open-ended play give your child more than just a morning of delight. They open up a wide, wild world of adventure.

Giving Cloth Diapers as a Holiday Gift

Pregnant woman opening a gift

Recently, I attended a local meeting of a cloth diaper support group with about 40 adults present. Everyone got a ticket for a giveaway of a huge cloth diaper package. I was listening closely to comments and watching people’s faces. I could tell that several people really needed these diapers.

Especially when the economy hits families so hard, sometimes the best gift you can give is what a person really needs. New parents need diapers. Give a gift that will save new parents money.

Tips for Giving a Cloth Diaper Holiday Gift

  • Make sure it’s a gift not a judgment.
  • Include a note about your experience and how you want to share that experience.
  • Include a coupon good for your guidance in how to use and how to clean cloth diapers.
  • Include written washing instructions.
  • Include a sample of a detergent that is formulated for cloth diapers, like Rockin’ Green.

Cloth Diaper Packages Make Giving Easy

Save yourself time by giving a cloth diaper package.

For the Cloth Diaper Pragmatist

Bummis prefold cloth diaper package

If you are giving cloth diapers to someone who just wants tried and true solutions that work, consider the Bummis Complete Cloth Diaper Kit with organic cotton prefolds. The kit comes in two sizes, 8-15lbs and 15-30lbs, and each kit contains everything the cloth diapering parent will need, including a Fabulous Wet Bag and care, washing, and folding instructions. This is the complete package.

Origin: Made in Canada
Materials: Organic cotton diapers and polyester diaper covers

For the Cloth Diaper Explorer

Cloth Diaper Sampler Package

If you are giving a gift to someone who has been curious about a variety of cloth diapers, consider the Cloth Diaper Trial Kit with pocket diapers, fitted diaper & cover, and prefolds in different brands. This is a nice way to give a chance to try out different diapers before making a commitment to any one style or brand. We will ship this package free to Canadian addresses just to provide the chance to compare cloth diapers.

Origin: mixed
Materials: organic cotton, hemp/cotton, microfiber, polyester

The holidays may be a time when we think of ugly sweaters and fruitcakes, but you can also look at the real needs of the people around you and make your contribution to meeting those needs.

Happy Holidays!

Image © Ihar Ulashchyk |

New Mother Gifts: Baby Carriers

FreeHand Baby Carrier with infantFor a new mother, I find the best gifts are those have been helpful or meaningful to the giver. When you tell a new parent “I found this helpful when my first baby was born” or “I wish I had this when I was starting out,” the gift is far more than a consumer product to go on a shelf. A much-loved item offered to a new parent is a loving embrace in support of their new parenthood.

Some new mothers won’t have considered babywearing, so giving a baby carrier as a gift could help them to change their whole approach to parenting. Rather than looking down on the baby in a stroller, they will be face to face or chest to chest with their baby. Babywearing is a much more intimate way to move a child around. By giving a baby carrier, you are giving an opportunity.

That said, which baby carrier works best for a particular parent depends a lot on lifestyle. If you are going to make such a kind investment, be sure to consider how and where the parents will likely use the baby carrier most.

Is she a hiker?

A new mother can sometimes worry that having a baby will interrupt an active lifestyle, but babies can easily come along on many outdoor adventures. While the Ergo Sport Baby Carrier is often thought of as The Outdoor Baby Carrier, I’m going to suggest an even more versatile soft pack baby carrier because you want to be sure that a gift can be used in as many ways as possible.

FreeHand Baby Carrier

The FreeHand Baby Carrier (shown above) has a cross-over support system that can be adjusted for babies and toddlers to give each the support they most need. As a first baby carrier, this is easy to get on and off, easy to understand how it is meant to fit. It is padded and adjustable to give a parent a comfortable fit.

Will she be mostly around the house?

For simply working around the house, washing diapers, and cleaning up, I think the simplest slings work the best as baby carriers. An Upmama Hybrid Sling may work for many, but I am going to recommend an all-cotton ring sling for cool, breathable comfort.

Maya Wrap Ring Sling
Maya Wrap

The lightweight cotton of the Maya wrap ring sling is very soft and it hugs a baby without pressing too hard. I like how easily it can be adjusted by pulling on the front or back of the tail. Though a new mother may need a little practice to create a pouch with the sling, it won’t take very long before she is moving the sling from front to back to hip to accommodate whatever she needs to do with baby. The vivid colors are also refreshing in a world of pastels.

When you are looking for the best new mother gift, look at your own experience and offer the new mother your best advice through your gift. See our suggestions for cloth diaper packages as gifts for new mothers.