My Rules of the Eco-friendly Loot Bag

Child with birthday party loot bag

Has your child ever come home from a birthday party with a bag of candy and throwaway plastic toys? Is there really anyone who can say “No!” to that? I’ve even seen myself give out party gifts that make me groan and feel more determined than ever to improve the loot bag with each passing year. Every time I throw a children’s party, I manage to get a little closer to the ideal of a low-impact loot bag.

First Rule of the Eco-friendly Loot Bag

It you are actually going to include a bag, make it a reusable bag—and not just any reusable bag. Make it a bag a child will want to reuse. Try a purse or a snack bag.

Reusable Goodie Bag for children

Small but Lasting

Rather than a throwaway party favor that lasts no longer than the ride home, make your child’s party loot a lasting toy or treasure.

My children recently purged their rooms of fast-food toys, Christmas stocking stuffers, Scholastic sale items, and other little pieces of pointless plastic. (I know. Horror.) Their rejected pile of tiny toys was surprisingly huge. None of these items entered the long-term play stream. I’m glad to see them go, but what a waste. Don’t contribute to this!

Loot bags can get expensive. It’s much better to give one great gift than to pile up many little things that will never be touched or considered again except when they are finally thrown out. Most of the loot bag gifts at Celebrations department are under $10.

Wooden Mite Sports Car

Buy Sets

If you want to include a variety in each bag while keeping the cost low, buy sets of crayons or pencils or clay then break up the set with one item per bag.

Colorful Aromatherapy Play Clay

Follow the Party Theme

The gift will be more memorable if it is tied to the theme of the party. If your daughter has a fairy party, a fairy wand will remind guests of playing with their friends. If your son has an art party, taking home the art supplies will give guests many more hours of fun remembering their party projects.

Girls playing with fairy wand streamers

Activity As Gift

Sometimes, the activities can create the gifts. With a Wooden Truck Kit or Wooden Bug Kit, the toy a guest makes is the gift to take home. You could do the same with an All Natural Lip Balm Making Kit.

Make Your Own toy truck

What do you do for birthday party loot bags?

I’m so excited for a month of eco-parties. We will cover this theme from many angles this month. If you have questions about eco-parties or stories of what you have done to lower the impact of your child’s parties, please share.

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