I Don’t Have Time for Cloth Diapers

All-in-one cloth diaper from Tots Bots

Are you sure you don’t have time to use cloth diapers? If you choose to use cloth diapers, you can use time-saving strategies and no-fold diapers to fit into your busy schedule. Your choices make a big difference.

Consider these factors to save yourself time:

  • which style of diapers you choose;
  • how many diapers to have on hand, which leads to
  • how often to wash diapers; and
  • simple cleaning habits.

Which style of diapers will save you time? If time is your limiting factor, choose a diaper that doesn’t require stuffing or folding.

Perfect choice: All-in-one diaper

At bynature.ca we carry several brands of all-in-one cloth diapers (or AIO diapers, as many call them), like the Tots Bots Easy Fit one-size diaper

All-in-one one-size diaper

To save time, have more diapers on hand. That means you won’t need to wash as often. There are drawbacks to this approach, though.

  • Money. You will need to invest more money up front to buy more diapers, if you wash less often.
  • Clean Diapers. Your diapers will be easier to clean if they don’t sit dirty as long.

Doing more small loads of cloth diaper laundry will save you money in the long run because you won’t need to buy as many diapers, and the diapers won’t suffer damage from sitting too long in waste.

Save time AND money with simple habits. Every morning, before you get busy with your day, start a load of laundry. Every other day, make that diaper laundry.

That means you need enough diapers for 3 days—two days between washes and one day to get the laundry done. For a newborn, you will need 35-40 diapers for this method. For an older baby, you will need 25-30 diapers. For a toddler who is nearing potty learning, you will need 18-20 diapers.

Save more money by washing more often, at least during the newborn months when you will be changing diapers more often.

Cloth Diapering Basics

This month we are answering some of those common questions and comments that we get in the bynature.ca store about cloth diapering basics, like “I can’t afford cloth diapers,” “Don’t cloth diapers leak?” and “Aren’t cloth diapers gross?”

We want to answer YOUR questions. Tell us your cloth diaper questions in the comments below.

Freeze It! Save Time by Making Double

Woman cooking soup

Oh, no! It’s 5:00PM, and I don’t have a clue what’s for dinner. Don’t you wish you had a nice, home-cooked meal in the freezer you could just pop into the oven. So many of us are stressed and busy beyond our ability to cope well. No time for dinner too often means resorting to feeds that we know very well are not good for us.

My solution has been doubling my favorite meals, but keeping my family from getting bored by freezing half. Then, I have a quick, easy meal later.

A month ago, I bought a chest freezer, so I’ve been excited to fill it up. I’m not so excited that I’m likely to go the way of once-a-month cooking (cooking a month’s worth of meals in a day), though. That thought fills me with the dread of standing in the kitchen all day and of eating the same food for a month. If that idea overwhelms you, too, take baby steps. Just double some of your favorite meals. As this becomes routine, you might even get more ambitious.

Containers. Using freezer-safe, tempered glass containers makes it very easy to stack and store your frozen food. If you are going to freeze more than a week in advance, you might want to invest in labels and markers so you don’t end up leaving food in the freezer too long.

Recipes. Start with your favorite foods that are easily frozen. Many soups and sauces freeze well. We double time-consuming meals like lasagna and pot pie, freezing one uncooked. We don’t usually freeze foods with a lot of vegetables because I don’t like the texture of some thawed and reheated whole vegetables. It is easy to add fresh vegetables to reheated meals, though.

Buy on Sale. Be flexible enough to take advantage of a good sale when it happens. Looking for red-label foods that are set to hit their expiration date in a couple of days saves us money already. Don’t just freeze the raw ingredients. Double what you make as well as what you buy, so you can freeze the meal.

Don’t double new recipes. For the same reasons, don’t plan to freeze foods that you haven’t tried before. If you didn’t like it the first time around, you’ll likely just leave it to wither away into ice dust in the corner of the freezer.

If you are ready to save time and save money but you aren’t ready to make freezing meals a new lifestyle, doubling what you already love to eat is a great way to create no-stress dinners for your family.

Image © Littleny | Dreamstime.com