Ditching Synthetics in Diapering

MotherEase one size fitted cloth diaperAre you thinking of ditching synthetics in diapering? Some of our customers are only familiar with polyester diapering options. If you are considering cool wool options for summer, you may be ready to use all natural cloth diapers.

Natural fiber diapers don’t hold on to smells like synthetics can, and you don’t need to be as careful in washing and drying since a cotton or hemp diaper is tough enough to handle most any wash routine.

All-natural Diaper Options

Most all-natural diapering options include a separate diaper (the moisture absorbent part) and cover (the moisture resistant part).

We have several natural diaper choices available: hemp, organic cotton, or a blend; prefold, fitted, or fitted with snaps; and smooth woven prefolds, slightly stretchy fitted diapers, or super stretchy fitted diapers.

Hemp fitted cloth diapers
Fitted diapers made from a hemp / organic cotton knit with no closure. Just wrap around baby or add a Snappi.

Hemp cotton flat cloth diapers
Flat diapers made from a hemp/organic cotton French terry. Fold like a prefold.

Unbleached Indian Prefold cloth diapers
Unbleached cotton prefold diapers for the classic cloth diaper fit.

MotherEase one-size organic cotton cloth diapers
MotherEase organic cotton diapers made with brushed terry knit stretches for a snug fit. Snap closures.

Did you notice that I haven’t included bamboo diapers? Yes, bamboo is grown in a field and it makes a soft, absorbent diapering material. I have stubbornly left it off the list, though, because all bamboo other than that processed in a way similar to linen is classified as man-made fiber (rayon or viscose made from bamboo) because of the chemical processing—it is broken down into good and extruded into those super-soft fibers. If you love bamboo, don’t ditch it. Every family looking for their perfect diapering system will find their own best options.

Natural Diaper Covers Means Wool

Wool is breathable, absorbent, and easier to care for than you might expect. We offer three wool diaper cover options.

Stacinator Wool Diaper Cover
Stacinator is a lightweight wool diaper cover for summer.

Lovey Bums Wool Covers
Lovey Bums wool diaper cover is a very trim cover that works very well under clothes.

Aristocrats Wool Diaper Cover

Aristocrats is the classic nighttime wool soaker make from 100% untreated soft virgin wool.

Natural Liners

A lot of parents want a liner between their baby’s skin and the wetness of a diaper. Especially when a baby has a rash or other skin sensitivities, arguments in favor of a synthetic liner can be compelling. If you are looking for that all-natural liner, you have a natural option that is also naturally soothing.

Natural parent, please let me introduce you to the raw silk diaper liner. Raw silk retains sericin, a creamy wax given off by silkworms, which is both soothing and antibacterial. These liners are thin, so they won’t add to the bulk of a diaper. You can wash the liners with your wool diaper covers in woolwash, and they will continue to soothe your baby’s skin for a long time.

Silk Diaper Liners

Natural Laundry

Natural diapering goes well with natural laundering, and we have a new cloth diapering detergent made with natural ingredients.

The key to successful diaper washing is in the your water. Rockin Green Cloth Diaper Detergent comes in three formulations: Hard Rock for hard water, Soft Rock for soft water, or Classic Rock for those in between.

Rocking Green is made from sodium carbonate , sodium percarbonate, natural chelating agents, sodium sulfate, and biodegradable surfactants.

Rockin Green Cloth Diaper Detergent

Whether you are looking for diapers that are easier to care for, you are ready for diapers that won’t hold on to smells, or you just want to know that you are using renewable resources in diapering, you have a full range of natural diapering options to fit your needs.

Wool So Cool

Stacinator wool diaper coverAre you curious about wool diaper covers? A lot of our customers are attracted to wool diaper covers, but they are afraid caring for wool will be too much work or that wool will leak. Wool is absorbent and breathable, and it takes only a little extra care.

What about Waterproof

No, wool diaper covers are not waterproof. That is a good thing.

Wool is breathable. A wool diaper cover is the most breathable diaper cover that you can find. Wool keeps your baby comfortable by maintaining a normal body temperature under the diaper cover so your baby is never overheated, hot or sweaty within their diaper. Parents are amazed when they remove a polyester diaper cover and compare this to a wool diaper cover. The temperature under the wool is always cooler.

Wool is absorbent. The structure of wool fibers allows wool to absorb one-third or more of its weight in liquid. Urine isn’t sitting on the outside of the fiber but is absorbed to the core away from baby.

If air can move through the cover to keep baby cool and if moisture moves in and through the fibers, some moisture will also move through the cover. A good wool diaper cover will not leak, though the air in the vicinity of your baby’s bottom may be a bit more humid that if you had kept all of that moisture locked inside a laminated polyester cover.

Sensitive skin under a wool diaper cover gets more exposure to air and less sitting against wetness, which also means less diaper rash.

Wool Care Basics

Wool resists bacteria and odor.

  • If a wool diaper cover is just a little bit wet, hang it to dry between diaper changes.
  • If the cover is very wet, rinse in water, squeeze excess water out, and hang to dry.
  • If the cover is soiled, wash in warm water and a teaspoon to a tablespoon of wool wash like Eucalan, squish, squeeze water out without wringing, then hang to dry.

For a diaper cover than hasn’t been soiled, wash at least every two weeks. This adds a 3-5 minutes of hand squishing to your wash routine, but it is worth the benefits

Wool is:

  • absorbent
  • breathable
  • bacteria resistant
  • odor resistant

The benefits of wool for your baby are worth a few extra minutes of washing.

Wool Diaper Covers for Summer

Stacinator wool diaper cover

Many parents ask us what their options are during the warmer summer months to keep their baby cool and comfortable. Our Stacinator wool diaper covers are the perfect choice! Stacinator makes one of the trimmest fitting, lightweight wool diaper cover options around. Wool diaper covers are the perfect summertime diaper cover and our Stacinator wool diaper covers make it easy and FUN! With many colours to choose from, simply pair with a t-shirt and baby is set to go.