Babywearing in the News

Baby wearing is in the news! I love that someone felt baby slings and baby carriers were newsworthy enough for a full-page article. It really amazes me how many people comment on my baby carriers when I am out and about with my daughter. It’s not so much the typical “wow, that’s really gorgeous!” comments that I am amazed at (because to see some of these carriers in real life, they really are just stunning!) but it’s when someone says, “wow, I wish those were around when MY kids were babies!”. The reason this always surprises me is because baby slings have been used for centuries, they have just not been as much a part of our Western Culture as they have been in other parts of the world. Baby wearing is considered one of the oldest traditions in parenting.

After years of studying many cultures and how they incorporate baby wearing into their parenting, Dr. William Sears’ conclusion says it all. “Doesn’t every parent in every culture have these two simple desires: to make life easier for themselves and to make life better for their baby? Baby wearing does both.”

Here’s an excerpt from the article;

Several years ago, cloth baby carriers started becoming more common with the advent of attachment parenting, which, along with babywearing, favors co-sleeping, nursing and other techniques to bond with baby.

While the carriers are more common among the attachment-parenting crowd, celebrity sling-wearing moms such as Courteney Cox Arquette, Angelina Jolie and Anne Heche have helped give the carriers mainstream appeal.

“As a mom, I’ve noticed it’s gotten more popular in the last couple years,” said Erftmier, whose store, Belly Bump, is located in Omaha, Nebraska. “When I had my first child, everyone wore the Baby Bjorn. I just think this is a new alternative to that.”

If it wasn’t for the fact that the Baby Bjorn was so well marketed, I think parents would start to see that there are other options available. As much as I think buying something simply because of celebrity appeal is silly, the fact that there are celebrities out there helping to normalize the use of baby slings is a very good thing. Now imagine what could happen if we could get some celebrity’s babies in cloth diapers?

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