A new use for our Maya Wrap Baby Sling

It was such a beautiful day out today we decided to go for a walk and take my littlest out in her new, Radio Flyer red wagon she got for her birthday. Well, she’s just over a year old now and hasn’t quite grasped the idea of hanging on yet. The sides of the wagon aren’t very high, but I loved the classic look of the Radio Flyer so we had to have this one. I was determined to figure out some way to make it work for her. After much contemplation, a light bulb went on. I used our Maya Wrap to strap Rayne into the wagon. It was brilliant! The Maya Wrap made the perfect makeshift seatbelt and it kept her good and secure the whole time we were out. My husband was very impressed. 😉

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Maya Wraps, Mei Tai’s and Ergos…oh my!

A large shipment of Maya Wraps arrived at Parenting By Nature this week. We’ve got lots of stock of every pattern and color for sale in our boutique. This is one of our favorite baby slings for breastfeeding an infant and it can be used between two parents because it is easily adjustable. It’s a wonderful carrier for any newborn.

We also spoke with Robyn this week, the fabulous mama behind our BabyHawk Mei Tai baby carriers and she has shipped our latest order. We can’t wait to see the new fabrics and patterns in real life. The color swatches online never do them justice. These carriers are just gorgeous! We’ve already pre-sold a handful of them, so if you are eyeing a particular pattern, you might want to grab it while it’s still available. Our last shipment sold out quickly as we are the only retailer currently selling these baby carriers in Canada. Get one while you can!

We are so excited about our newest baby wearing product coming soon to our boutique. Here’s a hint…it’s ERGOnomically correct and you can carrier a baby or toddler COMFORTABLY up to 60 lbs!!! Wow! We will be running a pre-order special and if you currently receive our newsletter you will hear about it soon. If you aren’t signed up yet, you can do so here. Thanks for your continued support!

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Baby Steps…with vinegar!

One of the first baby steps I took almost 5 years ago now in an effort to “clean up” my home was switching from using Windex as a cleaner to using plain, white vinegar. The chemical smell of Windex always bothered me, and I would feel nauseous after cleaning with it. This was a small step, but it made a big difference. Not only was it healthier for me and more environmentally friendly, it was so much more economical! Fast forward to today and I buy the large economy size bottles of white vinegar when I’m grocery shopping as I use it for anything and everything I can. Washing windows, cleaning floors, wiping down counters and even dusting my furniture is all down with vinegar mixed with water.

My favourite use for vinegar has been as a replacement for fabric softener. My husband was getting terrible rashes any time I would add fabric softener to our laundry and when I started using vinegar in our rinse cycle, he never had a problem. Our clothes still came out clean and soft so I was happy with the switch! Next time you reach for a bottle of Windex or Downy, try using vinegar in its place. It’s a baby step and a great start to replacing some of the harmful chemicals most families have in their kitchen cupboards.

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Lansinoh Lanolin for Breastfeeding

Ugg. So any nursing mother is well aware of the fact that breastfeeding can HURT. When I was searching for a natural solution, I decided to give lanolin a try. While I tried other brands, nothing compared to Lansinoh Brand, 100% pure medical-grade lanolin. This is a wonderful product…almost a miracle product! I was amazed at how many uses I was able to find for our small bottle. We’ve used it for treating diaper rash, to healing dry and sore nipples after breastfeeding, and of course, to care for our wool cloth diaper covers. I’ve even used it on my hands as a moisture barrier during this past cold and drying winter.

I wasn’t surprised to read that the company, Lansinoh, started as a home-based business over 20 years ago. Some of the most innovative and creative companies start out from a need that isn’t currently met in the market! It was founded by a breastfeeding mother that was having difficulty finding pure, medical grade lanolin. She started her company to make lanolin, in it’s purest form, more available to breastfeeding mothers who were challenged with the pain of sore, cracked and dry nipples. I am definitely glad to have had it around during our first few weeks of breastfeeding! It really made all the difference in the world for my comfort and ability to breastfeed without being sore. I’m pretty determined when I put my mind to something, but breastfeeding would have been much more of a challenge without our Lansinoh. I did try other brands, but they just didn’t compare. We saved them for use with our diaper covers, while the Lansinoh was reserved for the more important job of keeping me hydrated and comfortable. I don’t know what I would have done without it!

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