Baby Steps…with vinegar!

One of the first baby steps I took almost 5 years ago now in an effort to “clean up” my home was switching from using Windex as a cleaner to using plain, white vinegar. The chemical smell of Windex always bothered me, and I would feel nauseous after cleaning with it. This was a small step, but it made a big difference. Not only was it healthier for me and more environmentally friendly, it was so much more economical! Fast forward to today and I buy the large economy size bottles of white vinegar when I’m grocery shopping as I use it for anything and everything I can. Washing windows, cleaning floors, wiping down counters and even dusting my furniture is all down with vinegar mixed with water.

My favourite use for vinegar has been as a replacement for fabric softener. My husband was getting terrible rashes any time I would add fabric softener to our laundry and when I started using vinegar in our rinse cycle, he never had a problem. Our clothes still came out clean and soft so I was happy with the switch! Next time you reach for a bottle of Windex or Downy, try using vinegar in its place. It’s a baby step and a great start to replacing some of the harmful chemicals most families have in their kitchen cupboards.

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