Take your brain for a walk.

We’ve been busily preparing for our big move back to Ontario in the naturemom household and what a task this is. I’ve been feeling overwhelmed with my daily to-do list and I’ve been having trouble focusing. I realized as I was sitting here in my foggy haze that I hadn’t really been outside much in the last few days so I bundled up my one-year old and we went out for a quick walk around the block leaving the boxes and packing behind. Did I mention I’m an excellent procrastinator?

Actually, this breathe of fresh air was exactly what I needed. It did me a world of good. I got my heart rate up and felt completely refreshed and rejuvenated when we got home. Almost as though I had taken my brain for a walk!

So, the next time you’re feeling as though your walking around in a daze with a mind full of happenings, try talking a short walk outside and get that blood pumping. Your body (and mind!) will thank you.

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