Teenage boys give cloth diapers a thumbs up!

We just got our first shipment of BerryPlush Cloth Diapers in stock and what fun it’s been unpacking these! When you first get your hands on a Berry Plush cloth diaper you will understand what I mean when I say cloth diapering can be fun. If ever a cloth diaper had celebrity appeal, a BerryPlush cloth diaper would fit the bill. These cloth diapers unite style and function flawlessly. I especially love the animal prints, perfect for a little Jane or Tarzan. I had all our BerryPlush cloth diapers lined up and ready to be put away when my 17 year old brother and his friends saw them. When seventeen year old boys are impressed with cloth diapers, you know they must be something special! These cloth diapers are made in Canada, by Canadian work-at-home moms which makes me very proud to be offering them. Check them out today!

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