Enjoying the sun, fresh air and backyard…

We have our first backyard in our new home here in Ontario which has opened up so many new avenues for us. One of my favorite things to do is to hang dry our laundry out in the sun. We haven’t used our dryer for the entire month of May! We are also starting to learn about composting and in another week we will be planting our first vegetable garden. We prepared the soil over the past few weeks, and it’s about ready for us to plant our carrots, beans, tomatoes and whatever else we can manage. If you’ve got a backyard, I’d really encourage you to take advantage of it! Even if you only choose to make one small change, simply hanging your laundry to dry will save you money, save on resources and really is just plain satisfying. Nothing beats the smell of fresh clothes that have spent an afternoon blowing in the wind.

Having lived in a small apartment for the last 10 years with no more than a cement covered balcony, I plan to take full advantage of my new “space”.

Happy Summer!

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