Know a new mother? Pamper her with wool!

I’ve been using these wonderful wool nursing pads for a few weeks now and I am *so* loving them. We’ve had a few hot days already this summer, and these are much more comfortable than the thick, heavy cotton breast pads I used last summer. I don’t even feel them when I’m wearing them, and they keep me incredibly cool and comfortable. This testimonial was submitted by a customer of mine and boy can I relate!

I started looking for an alternative to paper disposable nursing pads because I use cloth for my baby’s diapers and it just made sense to use a non-disposable product for myself, as well. I did use a few paper pads at the beginning, because they were given away free at the hospital. These were just awful to use. They made crunchy noises when I moved and they were always bunching up on me. I tried cotton pads after these and didn’t like them much, either. Then I discovered wool breast pads and there is no going back. What a difference! I felt confident and comfortable using these breast pads both during the day, and at night. It was so much more pleasant when my baby and I were snuggling close with having only natural fibres between the two of us. You will love the feeling of soft merino/cashmere wool against your skin! This fabric really is luxurious and makes a big difference against tender breasts. I will never have to peel off stuck on, paper breast pads again! Ouch!

If you’re looking for a great alternative to disposable paper breast pads, you’ll have to give our merino wool nursing pads a try. You won’t be sorry you did!

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Slinging in the Summertime

My daughter is 14 months old now. I can’t believe how the time is flying by. Her grandpa and dad built her a sandbox yesterday out of some scrap wood in the backyard. She is just the right age for this. She’s just past putting everything in her mouth, and at the age where she’s exploring everything with her other senses – her hands, eyes and ears notice everything! She’s loving the feel of the sand between her toes. It might be a few more weeks before she’s building sand castles, but in the meantime she loves digging in the sand and moving it around between her fingers.

We tested out our new Hotslings water sling today. What fun!! I was able to enjoy a quick dip in our pool while Rayne was held on by the mesh water sling. She had such a blast! We are within a short biking distance from a beach on Lake Simcoe. We’ll be biking to the beach so she can play in the sand and water there, as well. This sling makes it so much easier trying to hold onto a wiggly, wet, soon-to-be toddler and the fabric is so light and comfortable on me. We spent a lot of time at Lawrencetown Beach when we lived in Nova Scotia, as well as the many tiny beaches that are found all over the Halifax Regional Municipality, and this sling sure would have come in handy last summer. In any case, we’ll be getting a lot of use out of our water sling this year!

I LOVE the turquoise colour. Don’t you think it just screams summer?

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