Know a new mother? Pamper her with wool!

I’ve been using these wonderful wool nursing pads for a few weeks now and I am *so* loving them. We’ve had a few hot days already this summer, and these are much more comfortable than the thick, heavy cotton breast pads I used last summer. I don’t even feel them when I’m wearing them, and they keep me incredibly cool and comfortable. This testimonial was submitted by a customer of mine and boy can I relate!

I started looking for an alternative to paper disposable nursing pads because I use cloth for my baby’s diapers and it just made sense to use a non-disposable product for myself, as well. I did use a few paper pads at the beginning, because they were given away free at the hospital. These were just awful to use. They made crunchy noises when I moved and they were always bunching up on me. I tried cotton pads after these and didn’t like them much, either. Then I discovered wool breast pads and there is no going back. What a difference! I felt confident and comfortable using these breast pads both during the day, and at night. It was so much more pleasant when my baby and I were snuggling close with having only natural fibres between the two of us. You will love the feeling of soft merino/cashmere wool against your skin! This fabric really is luxurious and makes a big difference against tender breasts. I will never have to peel off stuck on, paper breast pads again! Ouch!

If you’re looking for a great alternative to disposable paper breast pads, you’ll have to give our merino wool nursing pads a try. You won’t be sorry you did!

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