A Calgary mom agrees – disposable diapers have disadvantages!

I had a good laugh out loud today when I came across one mother’s blog post in the Calgary Herald about her struggle with disposable diapers. She clearly makes note of a few of the drawbacks of disposable diapers, and she also states,

Diapers, being disposable and necessary, are best bought in bulk, is my way of thinking. Sure, I could spend more to buy them in smaller quantities or in bulk but at a more expensive grocery store. But spending extra on diapers simply bugs me. Am I penny wise but pound foolish?

We have to say “YES” loud and clear. Considering the average parents spends $2000+ on disposable diapers during the course of 2+ years of diapering only ONE baby, and one could use cloth diapers on the same baby for as little as $500, it’s pretty clear that the more “economical” choice is cloth.

Oh…and those little “blow outs” experienced when using disposable diapers? It’s a little known fact that these are few and far between when using cloth diapers. With new, modern inventions such as the MiniShower Cloth Diaper Sprayer, and well-fitting, highly adjustable BumGenius All-in-One Cloth Diapers, using cloth diapers have never been easier – or less messy! Saving money is simply an added bonus.

While we’ll agree that diapers are necessary, they need not be disposable. Maybe this frustrated mom will have better luck with cloth!

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