More Moms are Choosing Cloth Diapers

We recently asked our customers this question – why did YOU choose cloth diapers? We hope that by reading the responses provided to us from real families that have made the switch to cloth diapers, or chose cloth diapers from the start, you might find inspiration and give them a try. Responses varied from one family to the next, with parents expressing their desire to save money, to help the environment, and to do what they felt was best for their newborn. Some of our favourite stories are featured below.

Shauna-lee Thomas from rural Alberta (Canada) wrote to us:

We live on an acreage in rural Alberta. With ‘garbage day’ occurring about once a month, and 2 of our 3 beautiful girls in diapers, I knew we needed a better plan. Picture the disposable diapers used by 2 children over the course of an entire month – an average of 8 per day per child – that’s almost 500 diapers. If all parents had to personally deliver the diapers their family used to the landfill, everyone would switch. For us, it wasn’t even just about the environment – cloth was actually MORE convenient. I would much rather do a few extra loads of laundry every week than ever make that trip to the dump again. When I first considered cloth diapers, I talked to friends that also had young children in diapers and asked why they didn’t use cloth. ‘Too much work’ and ‘I don’t want my house to smell bad’ were common responses. I’ve learned – with the help of Parenting By Nature that using cloth diapers is NOT too much work, but rather very gratifying to make a better choice for my family and the world we live in (and no one ever holds their nose when they come to our home)!

Bernadette Rego from Prince George, British Columbia tells us of her switch to cloth diapers:

When my daughter was barely 1 month old, she developed a severe diaper rash which needed to be treated with prescription cream. After doing some research, my husband and I decided it would be best to switch to cloth diapers as they were natural and unlikely to irritate our baby’s skin. We had also contemplated choosing cloth diapers rather than switching to another disposal brand because we wanted to do our part in contributing to improving the environment. Immediately after the switch, my daughter’s rash disappeared and she has not developed any more skin irritations since. She is now almost 10 months old and we’ve been finding cloth diapers have been a good choice for us.

Times have changed – and so have cloth diapers! Marlene O’neill (Calgary, Alberta) wrote to us about her choice:

When we were expecting our first child there was never a question in my mind that I would use cloth diapers…my husband was a different story. I knew my mother had not only used cloth diapers, but had made and laundered them herself, all while raising six children. So I knew that with the added convenience of pre-folds, fitted cloth diapers and even all-in-one cloth diapers, there was no question I could do it.

My husband worried about the initial cost, the potential mess and the efficiency of cloth diapering. So, I bargained that if he agreed I would do the majority of the changing and all of the laundering. We’re now four months into our son’s life in cloth diapers and my husband and I are both complete converts. Our son has never had a rash, we’ve never had a leak and with two dozen fitted cloth diapers and one dozen pre-folds we only need to wash every three days. My husband is regularly changing diapers and is also working to convert our friends who are expecting a baby boy in March!

Alison Brown uses cloth diapers in Toronto, Ontario:

We started off using disposable, name-brand diapers, but noticed that they gave off a chemical smell. I did not like my precious, natural baby smelling like disposable diapers! Our baby deserved better! With the help of Parenting By Nature, we made the switch to cloth diapers and have lived happily (and naturally) ever after. Thanks so much for all the helpful information and advice on your website – it made the switch to cloth diapers really easy and my daughter’s bum is happy and healthy!

Thank you to our customers that shared their inspirational stories. Want to learn more about getting started with Cloth Diapers? Read Cloth Diapering 101 – our KISS Guide to getting stared with Cloth Diapers! Do you have a story to share? We’d LOVE to hear about it! Email your story to Happy Cloth Diapering!

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