Eco Friendly Birthday Parties

My daughter turned four at the beginning of March. It was only four weeks earlier that she was invited to her first birthday party by a friend at preschool. Since then, she’s been to three more parties. Needless to say, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about the whole eco-friendliness of birthday parties and let me just say that what I’ve seen so far is, well, FAR from it. So when I came across this new website, Green Planet Parties, I was (a) SO excited to learn they were located in Canada, and (b) very impressed! What an awesome idea, started by a mom, of course, to help inspire parents across the country to plan more environmentally friendly children’s birthday parties. I really hope they take their website a step further and work towards educating parents about waste, possibly providing alternate suggestions that may not only be found on their website. For example, one of the moms that hosted a recent party used small, plastic buckets in place of loot bags. While not the most environmentally friendly of materials, I thought it was fabulous that our “loot bag” could be reused at the park, in our sand box or at the beach.

I’ll save my ideas for a “greener” birthday party for a future post, but in the meantime check out Green Planet Parties for some ideas and inspiration. I’m getting ready for my daughter to ask for her first party (I got lucky and she didn’t even mention it for b-day #4!). When she turns 5 you can be sure we’ll be planning as green a party as we can. :)

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