When you Know Better, you Choose Better

Recently we made the switch to only carry Organic Cotton Prefolds in our natural baby store, and are no longer carrying conventionally-grown cotton prefolds. We’ve had many questions about this choice, and ultimately our customers seem pleased with the change. So far the consensus is that the value is much greater for the very slight difference in cost (only about $1.00 more per diaper!). Overall you are getting a much better product, a chemical and pesticide-free diaper, and one that is less taxing on our environment (both ecologically and for humanity). If you’re still unsure as to whether or not organic cotton is the way to go, read on!

Cotton that was grown many years ago generally involved techniques that allowed for the sustainable harvesting of the material. It did not permanently deplete resources or create unhealthy living conditions that threaten workers, wildlife and the environment, as it does today. There are many pesticides used in the growing of ‘conventional’ cotton that create a health hazard we are only beginning to understand the effects of. Some of these pesticides are considered to be the most toxic chemicals in the world!

Still not convinced? Here is our Top 10 Reasons to Choose Organic Cotton:

  1. Organic cotton reduces toxins that pollute the Earth.
  2. Organic cotton is chemical and formaldehyde FREE.
  3. Organic cotton materials are softer, stronger (and safer!).
  4. Safer dyes and inks are used during the printing process of organic cotton products.
  5. Organic cotton production supports sustainable agricultural practises.
  6. Organic cotton production protects our quality of water.
  7. Improved health of agricultural workers when producing organic cotton vs. conventional cotton.
  8. Improved heath for our children (no bleaches, toxic dyes, chemicals, pesticides against delicate skin!).
  9. No hidden costs in the production of organic cotton. Conventional cotton may seem less expensive, but their are hidden costs that show up in the way of taxes, health care (of workers), environmental clean up, cost of our children’s health etc.
  10. Choosing organic cotton helps protect future generations of children and their families.

Conventional cotton farming is one of the most environmentally destructive agricultural practises – harming the air, water, soil, and farmers’ health and safety as well as the surrounding environments. At the moment we may end up paying more for organic products, however this can change as demand for organic cotton increases. By spending on organic products, you are using your consumer power wisely and adding your voice to the environmental movement. The pay-back is tremendous: better health for our children, our families, the planet and all her creatures. We feel organic cotton is an important consideration, not only for cloth diapers, but for all our “cotton” requirements.

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