Baby Carrier Collections

Many babywearers have big stashes of baby carriers. I’ve heard quite a few people compare their closets full of baby carriers to their closets full of shoes. I know it’s about style for some, but for others the babywearing collection is about function. I think I’ve narrowed the baby carrier collections down to four types:

Gwen Stefani wears a black Maya Wrap baby carrier
  • one for every function.
  • just one but in every color.
  • one of everything – AND in every color.
  • give me one and let’s be done.

I’m one of those people who has exactly one pair of each type of shoes – one pair of boots, one pair of sneakers, one pair of heels, and one pair of sandals. I also subscribe to Henry Ford’s philosophy of color. As he said of the Model-T Ford, it comes in any color you want as long as you want black. All of my shoes are black, and all of my slings are black (except for one stripy Maya wrap and an old baby blue gingham thing with giant rails). Yes, I know I write about my favorite black Maya Wrap a lot! (It’s like the one Gwen Stefani is wearing at right.)

Black Ergo baby carrier

All this to say, I’m not one of those baby carrier collectors. I’m a “give me one and let’s be done” babywearer.

But, I have friends who are collectors. So, I asked an avid baby carrier collector what are her essential baby carriers.

A collectors’ two essential baby carriers: Ergo and Moby.

She likes the Ergo baby carrier because is it soft despite the soft-buckle structure. This is her everyday carrier, used when she and her daughter are out and about. (She doesn’t own one in black, but I couldn’t help choosing the black one at right to illustrate!)

Moby Wrap is the baby carrier my friend uses when her daughter is tired or needs to be close. The stretchy fabric and full coverage provides the kind of support a sleepy child needs. Moby is soft and comfortable for both of them.

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