Favorite Babywearing Accessories

What are your favorite babywearing accessories? There are so many that I love (we wouldn’t be selling it if I didn’t!). Of course, none is necessary, but many are very practical.

Peekaru baby sun shade

Toy clips are great so to hang a small toy like our Klapperworm to the baby carrier as a handy distraction to a fussy baby.

Ergo Sucking Pads are incredibly popular because they are easier to wash than a baby carrier, and they prevent fading where baby is sucking on the straps, which is almost always bound to happen!

Peekaru Ozone Sun Shade is a popular item for the summer months, particularly when an infant is too young for spray or lotion sunscreen.

Babywearing jackets are becoming popular. We carry a vest that is nice for cooler nights, camping, spring, and fall weather, as well as layer in the wintertime. It can be difficult to find a jacket to wear over a baby carrier (unless you steal your husband’s).

Fleece leg warmers are so ingenious! When a baby is in her baby carrier, her pants always ride up, exposing little ankles to the sun and cold. With cold Canadian winters, we need those pant legs down. Baby spats have solved this problem and keep baby covered.

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