Detergent Residue on Cloth Diapers

Detergent residue is a film that can be left on your cloth diapers and on everything you wash. You probably don’t notice it, unless your cloth diapers start leaking or smelling. Usually, there is nothing wrong with the diapers. The solution is usually in changing your washing routine. Residues can also be caused by minerals … Read more

No Chlorine Bleach for My Cloth Diapers, Thanks

Last week I wrote about the glorious sunshine as safe alternative to bleach. Let’s talk more about bleach. Beyond knowing that a diaper washed in chlorine bleach wears out more quickly, what do you need to know about bleach before you wash your cloth diapers? Chlorine bleach is a solution of sodium hypochlorite. Putting bleach into our water … Read more

Preventing Motion Sickness in Children

It’s summertime and the family is out on the open road, cruising past exits, listening to your favorite tunes. Bliss! Until you hear: “Mama, I don’t feel well.” Not all children feel motion sickness. Our own lucky Nature Mom didn’t experience motion sickness as a child, and her own children don’t suffer from it either. I, … Read more

Baby Carrier Collections

Many babywearers have big stashes of baby carriers. I’ve heard quite a few people compare their closets full of baby carriers to their closets full of shoes. I know it’s about style for some, but for others the babywearing collection is about function. I think I’ve narrowed the baby carrier collections down to four types: one for … Read more