Cloth diaper chat on Twitter

Every Monday night on Twitter, there is a big cloth diaper chat or #clothdiapers chat. It starts at 5pm Pacific / 8pm Eastern, but really the #clothdiapers tweets start flying a couple of hours earlier. If this all sounds like a foreign language to you, start by reading Jenn of bumGenius on “A Cloth Diapering Mom’s Guide to Twitter.”

In addition to dozens, maybe a hundred, dedicated cloth diaper users ready to tweet about their experiences, among authors of last week’s 2,500 or so messages with the #clothdiapers hash tag were manufacturers like Sustainablebabyish and Jenn of bumGeniusDiaper Pin owner JenReal Diaper Association Executive Director Heather and Treasurer Angela, as well as retailers like Parenting By Nature.

If you can keep up and if you thrive on wild live action, you’ll love the cloth diapers chat.

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