Breastfeeding shameful? Breastfeeding a joke?

The Feminist Breeder is asking “Why aren’t more woman breastfeeding?” and her answer, “Because of anti-BFing Radio Host bigots like this one.”

Here’s her letter explaining what happened during a Dodger’s game last night.

I didn’t think we still lived in a world where people found this type of behaviour funny, but obviously we do. And now it’s considered entertainment because the upset parents apparently gave Tim Mihalsky “great show material”. The fact that breastfeeding is joked about like this is the real shame.

Tweets are as follows (from evening of Aug 9th):

  • The lady infront of me is breastfeeding her baby at a Dodger game. No shame
  • @MomsToWork hahahahaha I understand but go stand in the back. She’s front and center
  • @madmohican feed ‘em a dodger dog
  • @thejaunt if she was hot, it woulda been a different tweet
  • @Kblogger I just think it is rude to do in a group setting. Go in private.
  • Didn’t mean to upset Twitter by not liking a crazy woman infront of me breastfeed. Back to the game-Dodgers are losing. Not good.
  • @FeministBreeder wow I wasn’t making a rude comment, I was just calling it as I see it. Wow
  • @BabyDefender I’m not bashing on it. I was making a joke. Ppl r real upset. Appreciate the happy face haha
  • I’m done replying to these people who are upset. Little do they know my neice is w/ me and my mom and pregnant sisters agree with me.

I like the comment here made by Don Imus who lost his job for making derogatory comments about women at a basketball game. “Our agenda is to be funny and sometimes we go too far. And this time we went way too far. Here’s what I’ve learned: that you can’t make fun of everybody, because some people don’t deserve it.”

We know support can make or break a new mom’s choice to breastfeed. The first few weeks can be discouraging despite the hope and desire for it to come naturally. With attitudes about breastfeeding such as it’s shameful and that it should be “hidden”, coupled with the many corporations already promoting formula, it’s no wonder many mother’s quit breastfeeding before their baby is six months of age despite health recommendations.

I’d like to see more people promoting breastfeeding. Wouldn’t it have been wonderful if, with his mother and pregnant sister’s at his side, this young man (using the term ‘man’ loosely) mentioned how beautiful it was to see this mother breastfeeding at the Dodger’s game? Maybe one day we’ll live in a world where that’s the norm. I can dream, can’t I?

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2 thoughts on “Breastfeeding shameful? Breastfeeding a joke?”

  1. Great piece! Thanks for the linking and for bringing attention to this. I’m outraged, and I’m ashamed (because there were women/mothers at his side egging him on.)

    People think that breastfeeding promotion has gone too far, and I say it’s clear that it has not gone far enough. Not by a long shot.


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