Baby Carrier Manufacturer Profile: Beco

Continuing our series of baby carrier manufacturer profiles, this week we feature Gabby Caperon, designer of the award-winning Beco Baby Carrier.

Gabby Caperon of Beco Baby Carriers
Gabby Caperon of Beco Baby Carriers

What inspired you to become a manufacturer of baby carriers?

The company got started in March 2005 about a month before Duke (our only son) was born. I have originally started as a diaper cover business (under brand name “Ecobabies”), but the intention shifted as soon as I found out that a leading brand store bought baby carrier does not work for me. Then I spent about nine months developing a design which would actually work for myself. First Beco (originally called “BECOpack”) was launched in November 2005. A wider recognition of the design happen during 2006. Since then, encouraged by the customer demand and the business success, I just keep developing and improving the product, improving the infrastructure of the company, building the brand name etc. In short, I am trying to make the Beco the best and most sold baby carrier on the planet Earth! Having fun with it so far, love to serve and fulfill my purpose of being in this way. I am very grateful to my son, husband, all of our employees, business partners and off course OUR HAPPY BECO CUSTOMERS!

About myself…?

I am just a very happy mom, wife, designer and lately a dirt/trial bike rider! I love every moment of my life, give it all I have and make as many people happy as possible (including myself) during the process.

Did you ever have an ah-ha moment when you realized how much a baby carrier really does help?

Yup! The moment our son was born (well OK about 1.5 hrs later – I had a water birth in a small birth center and we went home almost right after the placenta was out) we put him in a sling and did not take him out of SOME carrying device for about 1 year then he took off on his own feet. I personally appreciate the extra bond the baby carrier helps to create, I do believe in the accelerated social skill development via the baby carrier, and I was always grateful to have the option to soothe my son when the need was there (like when he was sick or tired or plain bored and lost in himself).

Are there unexpected ways that you have seen a baby carrier make your own life or the lives of your customers easier?

Any baby carrier does make parent’s life easier IMO. But for me personally, I think I felt quite special about the whole baby carrier business, when we (as a manufacturer) got contacted by parents of special needs children and adopted children and thank us for making Beco and telling us their stories. That really widen my horizons and made me extra proud and grateful about the way I choose to serve others.

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