Green Certifications: Comparing Green Apples to Oranges

At the ABC Kids Expo, I found striking the prominent display of many seals and certifications. One booth displayed a whole row of seals across the back of their booth, the sign looking a bit like a scouting sash full of badges. You’ve probably noticed a similar collection of badges on product packaging in the store. There … Read more

Top 10 Tips for Enjoyable Eco-Friendly Family Outings

Comedian, Jerry Seinfeld once said, “There is no such thing as fun for the whole family.” While family outings do require a lot of work they can be enjoyable for the whole family if properly planned. Toddler tantrums, overtired babies and diaper emergencies can be prevented with proper planning and the right products. The following … Read more

Morning Routine

As everyone goes back to school—and even back to work after summer vacations—you may find that old routines aren’t working as well. As children get older, they will need adjustment. Or, maybe everyone forgot what the old routines were and you’re all frantically wondering how to fit it all in every morning before you all … Read more

Sunny Side Up: Quick, Nutritious Breakfast

This is the week my daughter discovered her new favorite food: eggs sunny side up. We have local eggs delivered with our local milk, and we’re currently facing an abundance of eggs in our refrigerator. “Would you like eggs and toast for breakfast?” “No, Mama. I don’t want scrambled eggs again.” I think fast, because … Read more