Babywearing for Pick Up and Drop Off

Hotslings kangaroo hold

“Mommy, help me.”

Which one do you help first? Everyone who has had to juggle a toddler and a baby at the same time knows that if you can keep the stuff to a minimum and the process simple, you can focus on the children. When your toddler needs to tell you all about the school day even before it has begun, you can really listen because babywearing during pick up and drop off will make everything much simpler.

When you need your hands free quickly to help with car seat buckles, to hold a hand walking into class, and to give your toddler a hug big enough to make it through the day, take the easy way.

  • Choose a pouch sling or a simple ring sling. Hotslings pouch looks great, feels great, and takes only a minute to get the baby comfortably adjusted.
  • Put the sling on before you leave the house. With a pouch sling, you have no bulk to worry about, and you can cut down on the time spent adjusting on the other end.
  • Pick up the baby first when you arrive. Leave the child most likely to escape until last.
  • Wear your baby facing out. A kangaroo hold works well. It isn’t just that your baby wants to see what is going on in the world. Everyone at school will want to see and talk to the baby as well.
  • Then unbuckle your toddler. Once the baby is set and secure, you can focus on the needs of your child going into or coming out of school.

On the way back in to the car, take care of your toddler first. Once the toddler is buckled in, you can slip the baby into his or her seat and not have to worry about unbuckling and taking off a baby carrier. Just slip yourself into the seat. Smooth sailing.

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