Sunny Side Up: Quick, Nutritious Breakfast

Egg in Pan

This is the week my daughter discovered her new favorite food: eggs sunny side up. We have local eggs delivered with our local milk, and we’re currently facing an abundance of eggs in our refrigerator.

“Would you like eggs and toast for breakfast?”

“No, Mama. I don’t want scrambled eggs again.”

I think fast, because I know I need to sell the eggs. My husband has convinced them that soft-boiled eggs with toast fingers is a special treat, but I was looking for a quick breakfast that day.

“How about quick eggs that you can dip your toast into?”

Skeptical, they went along. Only a couple of minutes later, I served them hot, soft eggs and toast.

“These are eggs sunny side up.”

I think eating eggs sunny side up is a bit like eating some kind of cookies. Everyone has their own right way. Now that my kids have eaten the same kind of eggs three times in one week (no, I’m not kidding), they each have their own sunnyside groove.

My son went with the traditional dipping of toast fingers.

My daughter, though, puts hers whole on one slice of toast, carefully nibbles around the edge to the center, then pops the whole yolk in one bite.

I cut up peach while the eggs were cooking (I’m pushing the peaches this week, too).

That was two eggs two ways for two children, and we have a nutritious breakfast in about four minutes.

Egg on toast
Egg with fingers

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