DIY Notepad – Make Your Own from Scribbled Paper

DIY Notepad finished

Do you get that back-to-school feeling when you buy school supplies. It’s a dangerous feeling. I get it every time I go to an office supply store, which is why I have entirely too many paper products. I’m trying to help my children have that excitement about the beginning of school without tying it to buying.

I asked my children what supplies they need for school this year. We narrowed it down to 3-ring binders (which we have chosen from those we already had on the shelf), pencils (bought new), rulers (hard-edged metal rulers that will last a lifetime), and note paper. We write a lot of notes.

DIY Reused Notepad cutting paper

Rather than buy new notepads, I keep a pile of paper that is printed on one side to write notes. My son likes to write small notes to me, so we decided to make our own do-it-yourself re-used notepad.

Materials for DIY Notepad

  • 40 sheets of paper
  • paper cutter
  • liquid glue (Elmer’s)
  • newspaper
DIY Reused Notepad cutting paper
  1. Make sure all paper is blank on one side
  2. Cut paper into 4 or 6 pieces per sheet
  3. Tap paper to make one side very smooth
  4. Hold the paper tightly to keep that side smooth
  5. Spread out the newspaper
  6. Squeeze glue onto the smooth side
  7. Spread the glue evenly with your finger
  8. Fan the papers just a bit so the glue goes between the pages a bit
  9. Hold the papers for a couple of minutes until the glue stops running
  10. Set the notepad on the newspaper and let dry overnight
DIY Reused Notepad stack of paper

Now, we have a re-used notepad that keeps all of the scratch paper together in one pad. We’re still thinking about how to repurpose old supplies to make the rest.

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