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Toxic Chemical Exposure

Earlier this week, I mentioned the cloth diaper business meetings and Real Diaper Industry Association annual meeting. One of the treats of the meeting was hearing Jennifer Taggart, The Smart Mama (an environmental attorney and previously an environmental engineer who has been doing a lot of testing for compliance to new U.S. child safety laws). She has also recently published a book, Smart Mama’s Green Guide: Simple Steps to Reduce Your Child’s Toxic Chemical Exposure.

I’m not quite over the back-to-school theme and the newness of our school books yet, so I’m thinking of what other books might be helpful to families concerned about lowering their impact through eco baby steps.

Simple Ideas

A book that has been around for a while but still full of great ideas is Gillian Deacon, Green for Life: 200 Simple Eco-Ideas for Every Day. Gill Deacon is a CBC television host who promotes lower-impact living for the average person. The book was reissued last year, so it may be available to you locally in Canada.


If you are looking for great tips about how you can push lighten your step even more, read Adria Vasil, Ecoholic: Your Guide to the Most Environmentally Friendly Information, Products and Services in Canada. The book is very broad—and entertaining! The U.S. edition came out this year.


Since I’m still thinking about back-to-school, I’ll add The Everything Green Classroom Book: From recycling to conservation, all you need to create an eco-friendly learning environment from the Everything Series. Last year, Nature Mom gave this as a classroom gift for the holidays.

Your Reviews

There are so many books on low- and no-impact living. What are your favorites? Send us a review of your favorite eco book for families, and we’ll consider publishing your review.

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