8 Best Babywearing Halloween Costumes

Put the chicky in a sling and you're ready to go!
Put the chicky in a sling and you’re ready to go!

Creative babywearers incorporate their babies into excellent Halloween costumes. After seeing so many great costumes, I wish I had a baby to wear this year.

I passed up several great baby costumes (the jack-in-the-box) in favor of great thing-on-thing themed costumes.

8. Baby Dorothy being worn by a big rainbow.
Wear in any carry as long as you can see enough of the baby’s dress to make it clear who she is. Sparkly ruby slippers essential.

7. Farmer with a hatching chick.
Like many of these costumes, this will work best with a front carry in either a mei tai or a structured carrier.

6. Monkey climbing a tree.
If the baby carrier is brown, ideal. This is one of the costumes that could work with a sling.

5. Bee on a giant flower.
Like the monkey on a tree, this could work with a sling or a structured carrier as long as the baby carrier itself matches the parent.

4. Devil carrying flames.
The flaming baby will work with any carrier, since it doesn’t require the baby to be a creature with a face.

3. Football player and football.
Love this! Convince dad to carry a sleeping newborn in a sling, and you’re there.

2. Alien bursting from parent’s chest.
I have yet to see anyone actually try this, but this is my dream costume.


1. Spider’s web and spider.
Maybe it’s the Martha Stewart perfection of it, but this costume is fun and beautiful. The high contrast between white costume for parent and black costume for baby really plays up the pairing. Best of all, the spider is easy to make. Borrow dad’s black athletic socks, stuff, attach with safety pins. How easy is that!

If you are looking for great babywearing Halloween costume ideas, check out the comprehensive post by Mamanista from last year.

I’m loving the spider and spider’s web costume so much that I might borrow a doll from my kids and dig up an old front carry baby carrier.

Image © Beatrice Killam | Dreamstime.com

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