Handmade Toy Alliance for Small Crafters

A lot of natural toys and other children’s products are made by small crafters. In the U.S., small crafters have been trying to understand the CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act) since 2008. During this past year, as the Handmade Toy Alliance, a grassroots alliance of toymakers, toy stores, and children’s product manufacturers have been leading efforts to amend the law to make it possible for small businesses to comply with safety requirements.

Friday was a big day for HTA. First, they met with members of Congress and regulators from the Consumer Product Safety Commission to talk about how to protect small manufacturers. Then, the New York Times covered for the first time the impact of the new U.S. law on small businesses, focusing on HTA efforts.

The Handmade Toy Alliance has been inspirational in their willingness not to give up or just complain about the problem but to figure out how the U.S. legislation and regulation work and talk honestly and openly to the people who can make the changes that might save small toymakers and other small businesses who will have to shut down without changes in the law.

Keep up the good work, Handmade Toy Alliance.

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