De-commercializing the Child by tout est des roses

Blog to Inspire finalist tout-est-des-roses is Sara Sophia, who blogs to share her joy, her everyday adventures and happy findings, things she loves and things that move her. Eight years ago our first child was born,a wee little man who came into the worldall shiny and new on the eve of Christmas.I sat in the hospital … Read more

Battling the Toy Catalogues by Strocel

Blog to Inspire finalist Strocel is Amber, an all around crunchy granola mom to 4-year-old Hannah and 1-year-old Jacob. She is an engineer-turned-at home mom and an aspiring freelance writer. The holiday season is approaching fast. Much faster than I like or would care to admit, frankly. You would think that one of these years I … Read more

Give of Yourself in Community Service

The week between Christmas and New Year tends to be family time without the frantic preparations of the week before. If parents are off work and looking for meaningful activities for the whole family, this is a great time for service projects and service learning. Service projects encourage children to connect with people and learn that … Read more

Pooh Sticks

In my husband’s family, in rural England, Christmas Day must involve playing Pooh Sticks after Christmas lunch. This is the game Winnie-the-Pooh devised in The House at Pooh Corner (the game that author A. A. Milne created for his son Christopher Robin Milne). The game of Pooh Sticks involves dropping sticks off a bridge into a flowing … Read more