Best of Green Giving Guides 2009

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Gift giving on your mind? I have read a lot of great green gift giving advice lately. These are the highlights from some of my favorite greenies. Please, follow these links to see the best green gift giving advice of the year. If you really need a jump start, check Inhabitat. If you are looking for a more general guide, go with Planet Green.

GRIST. The Grist gift guide is stuffed full of specific gift ideas, including biodegradable golf balls for the anti-enviros on your list. I’m not sure there are any anti-enviros on my very short list, but I like the idea.

HUFFINGTON POST. I don’t particularly think of Huffington Post as one of my greenies, but I do read regularly, and I was curious to read their suggestions for holiday green giving when they came out last week. I’m not so sure about these suggestions, though. I have received DIY recycled paper notebooks, bath salts, and house plants at some point, and they are all white elephants I don’t need and can’t get rid of. If I’m on your list, go with the Adopt an Acre (Nature Conservancy) instead.

INHABITAT. Inhabitat, and their children’s site Inhabitots, have put together a huge list of gift suggestions in 19 categories. Surely, you will find sparks for creativity and imagination here.

NATURE CONSERVANCY. The Nature Conservancy is suggesting that you give the gift of donations this year, including Adopt an Acre to help restore critical habitat around the world. They give a broader holiday view in their Holiday Guide.

PLANET GREEN. Discovery’s “Planet Green” suggests three green giving considerations:

  • Quality
  • Provenance
  • Redefinition of “Gift”

TREEHUGGER. Treehugger advocates having a Slow Holiday, following the model of the slow food movement. Their green gift guide is broken up into a dozen sections, including Weehugger for children. Looking at their suggestion of Power House Green Essentials Edition from EcoPlanet may have tipped me into considering this as a gift for my children. Wow, what a cool eco-house full of experiments. Fun and education all in one.

Focus on Your Giftee

Whatever you choose to give this year, make sure your gifts are more about they person you are giving to than about you. Whether you give some great consumable (like homemade baked goods) or the gift of your time (a day out or a day in) or a donation (to a charity that really matters to your person), make sure that you emphasize what they mean to you. The gift, after all, is just meant to be a token representing your thoughts of or feelings for the person.

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