Babywearing at Holiday Parties

Upmama baby sling in chocolate brown

You’re rushed. You forgot to prepare for a holiday party. You aren’t sure how your new baby will react to a social situation. You just haven’t thought it through.

Do you:

A) Throw on last year’s dress even though it’s a bit tight post-baby, put the baby in a stroller, and hike your baby blue diaper bag over your shoulder.

B) Freak out and stay home.

C) Say “who cares,” put on your denim jumper and your print baby carrier, walk into the party and ROAR.

D) Throw on last year’s little black dress, call it curve-hugging, and cover it up with a black Hotslings baby sling.

While I probably would do B, I hope I would quickly progress to D. I see a lot of women in open-toed shoes glaring at me if I choose A. And, I also see merit in C, especially in roaring, but I think you can fit into the party crowd with your baby if you want to.

If you want to take your baby to holiday parties, you can do so in style and in a way that gives your baby options to avoid feeling overwhelmed.

I addressed a lot of the practicalities earlier this year in Baby Carriers for Special Occasions. Main takeaways: match your baby carrier to the occasion and give your baby a view of or protection from the crowd. Just in case your baby gets overwhelmed, I think a sling is a great choice here. Especially a very young baby can tuck right into a sling, away from lights, and nap.

  • If you have a shiny glam occasion, I think the gorgeous Upmama Baby Slings are an excellent choice. They come in colors that are likely to match many dresses, and the sheen of the cotton sateen would match the feel of a festive, dressy party.
  • If you really do want to blend in completely, how about a solid-colored Hotslings baby sling? I love this as a blend-in choice because it has no tail like a ring sling does and the simple shape of the pouch means not extra buckles or ties or mechanics to deal with.
  • If you want to scream, “Come meet my baby!” and you think your baby is up to it, a print Hotslings baby sling gives you the same space-saving benefits along with a glam, eye-catching print.

Listen to Your Baby

Whichever style direction you go, be sure to listen closely to your baby so you don’t end up overstimulating and upsetting her. If she is done with lights and noise, you are probably done as well—unless someone else kindly offers to take her to a quiet room to calm down.

If your baby is social and loving the party, a baby carrier will help you transition from your pre-baby party life to your with-baby party life by giving you freedom of movement and your baby a high position from which to participate.

For more ideas on holiday parenting with ease, see our post Tips for Breastfeeding in Public.

Happy Holidays!

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