Yes, Cloth Diapers Are an Appropriate Holiday Gift

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One of the keys to cutting down on unnecessary consumption is putting the focus on people’s needs. Give people what they need but either can’t buy or just haven’t bought for themselves.

Which brings me to cloth diapers.

As a practical matter babies need diapers. Even diaper-free babies, those families who practice elimination communication, wear diapers some of the time. A baby’s need is a parent’s need. New parents need diapers.

The Gift of Cloth Diapers

The Parenting by Nature store has a baby gift registry, so the owner, Nature Mom, has a clear view into the gift requests of new parents. She finds that cloth diapers are one of the gifts most frequently requested by new parents, but they are also the one item that family members and friends think someone else will buy.

The expense of cloth diapers is much lower over the length of a child’s time in diapers than the alternatives would be. Buy them once and, but for the minor expenses of washing and drying, you pay no more. These up-front costs can be difficult for some new parents, so helping with some of all of this big purchase is always met with gratitude.

Parents registered with Parenting by Nature say time and time again how they hope they will get the diapers they’ve requested to help start them off with their new baby. If the cloth diapers they need aren’t purchase from their registry, they generally end up buying the diapers as soon as the baby is born.

If you have a new parent on your gift list, especially if this is someone who will appreciate a practical gift they can use over and over, how about the gift of cloth diapers?

The Gift of a Month Off from Diapers

Not all gifts have to be stuff. If you know a parent who is feeling overwhelmed or just deserves a bit of a break, how about giving the gift of a month of diaper service?

Personally, I find washing diapers no trouble at all, but when a new parent is overwhelmed, even a small thing like a load of wash might at times seem daunting.

If there is a service delivering cloth diapers in your area, you can experience the weekly pleasure of putting a bag of dirty diapers on the front step and finding it replaced with a new bag of fluffy, clean diapers in no time. I love diaper services and the good they do for communities in which they operate.

Gift to Meet a Need

I know we all want to give the stand-out special gifts, but we ought also to be sure that the basic needs of new parents are met as well. I often think that the best gift is one that we didn’t even know we needed until it arrived. Sometimes, though, we know exactly when we need.

Ask the new parents in your life what they need. They may need cloth diapers.

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