In Praise of Play Cloths

Since writing about crafts and DIY projects last week, and reading the posts from two Blog to Inspire entrants—Jill Amery’s ideas for at home activities and Gwen Floyd’s dress-up box—I decided to write about the longest and most used toys in my family. I write in praise of play cloths. You know, play silks, squares of cloth, multi-colored canvases … Read more

Save Green: DIY Projects & Crafts

Yesterday, I read Blog to Inspire entrant Jill Amery’s great ideas for low-cost or no-cost not-quite-structured play. It takes such a light parenting touch like this to balance the child’s desire for guidance with their need to explore their own ideas. During the summer, my kids spend a lot of time outside. There is really very … Read more

Save Green: Saving Light

It’s a month after solstice and the days are getting longer, but there is less distraction of holiday twinkle lights. The darkness of winter becomes more apparent. Long before winter blues becomes clinically diagnosed Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), you can take steps to keep yourself and your children healthy—and it doesn’t take a $200 light box … Read more