Food Industry Weasel Words

I try to make the best food choices for my family. This is not always easy when the food industry uses weasel words to bend meanings.

One of the best food articles I read all of last year was from Joel Salatin of Polyface Farm. You may have met him and his farm either in Michael Pollan’s book The Omnivore’s Dilemma or in the documentary film Food Inc.

“Industrial Jargon Interpreted” is about the often deceptive language used to describe industrial farming and massage us into complacency about real meanings of “cold pasteurized” and “science-based.” When you are looking at your food choices and you see “tracking” or “precision farming,” those don’t sound too bad, do they? Know what these phrases really mean to be sure you are getting food YOU feel good about.

  • Joel Salatin, “Industrial Jargon Interpreted,” Flavor Magazine. October 11, 2009.

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